Pumping Blood and Iron with Jason Stackhouse

August 15, 2009 by  

Jason Stackhouse. Sookie‘s brother, funny, gullible. These are things I’m sure most fans associate with Ryan Kwanten‘s character in HBO‘s hit show “True Blood”. So too, many fans wonder, how he got those abs and that toned body?  A little known fact is that Ryan Kwanten used to be a professional triathlete in his native Australia. So, how does he maintain thosemv5bnje2odkwodizmf5bml5banbnxkftztcwmdq5nzu1mg_v1_sx600_sy399_ muscles while still working on his character for True Blood? Even on set, Ryan finds time to fit in a few exercises, whether its sit-ups or shadowboxing.

“If you have a minute to yourself, utilize it to the fullest”

On the show, Ryan‘s character is known for repeating mistakes but, when he exercises, he tries to avoid monotony.

“The moment you have monotony, your muscles can fall asleep.Variety makes you much more balanced.”

Ryan also keeps it fresh by alternating his diet. It’s hard to control oneself come eating time but, it does have its benefits. By straying away from carbohydrates (bad ones at least) and sticking with protein and nutrients for a few days, Ryan always looks good for those shirtless scenes. Finally, find a routine that works for you and keep it interesting.  Instead of going to the gym and running the same old route on the treadmill, try venturing outside.

“It takes the tedium out of running. Whether it’s that high peak or the end of a beach, it’s great to have something you can touch that lets you know you’re halfway there. You don’t find that on a treadmill.”

You can catch Ryan and all the other characters from Bon Temps on Alan Ball‘s True Blood on Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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(Photo credit: IMDb.com)