Race Horse Plays Tricks on Nelsan Ellis

October 9, 2010 by  

Nelsan Ellis Chats About Secretariat and Tempermental Horses

Nelsan EllisNelsan Ellis, known to True Blood fans as Lafayette, was not familiar with the story of Secretariat when he auditioned for the film of the same name. What drew Nelsan to the film was his meeting with Secretariat director, Randall Wallace, who wanted Nelsan for the part. 

In a video interview with Tribute, Nelsan described how he “fell in love with the director”, then after doing research, he “fell in love with the horse”. As interviewer Toni-Marie Ippolito pointed out, it didn’t hurt to also have an all star cast to entice him. 

Nelsan, in his quiet way, told how he was challenged by the horses during the filming in the evening hours. When the temperamental race horses got tired, they would play tricks on him.

Hey Nelsan, those were love taps… or nips… or shoves! 

The film, a true story about a woman in the male-dominated industry of racing horses who wins the first Triple Crown in 25 years, opens today, 10/8/10. 

Source: tribute.ca – Nelsan Ellis (Secretariat) Interview

(Photo credit – shadowandact.com)