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On September 14th, 2010, we interviewed True Blood‘s queen of fashion and snark, Kristin Bauer Van Straten, via Twitter. There were misspellings aplenty and the constraints of the 140-character limit, but it was a great new experience that gave thousands of followers a chance to witness the live interview with this wonderfully kind actress as she talked about her trip to South Africa, her love of animals, her involvement with The Amanda Foundation, and much more. Tonight we’re pleased to be hosting the world’s first Twitterview with #TrueBlood’s Pam, Kristin Bauer van Straten!

Kristin is here to support The Amanda Foundation.

Kristin: YES I AM! Hi Kristin, thanks for tweeting with us tonight!

Kristin: HELLO! We hear you were in Africa last week, what was that like?

Kristin: Africa was stunning. Very different & very misunderstood by us Westerners. I will soon have some photos up on my site. We can’t wait to see the photos!

Kristin: I am working with IFAW in Africa to try and stem the animal slaughter, poaching, ivory trade, and what I am researching is interesting.

All of these environmental things are very connected to the economy.

People do awful things at times because they don’t know better or it’s the only job they have—I fell in love with Africa for its wildness and want to see what could be done to keep it wild and beautiful. Where did you go in Africa?

Kristin: We were in Cape Town, Stellenbosch (the wine lands), and then up the harden route to Plettenberg Bay. We stayed with family. Plett is unreal. How exciting! Was it your first trip there?

Kristin: We went to an elephant orphan sanctuary. And on a Southern Right whale watch and saw baboons in the yard!

And yes, it was my first trip there. I had to meet my in-laws for the first time!

I had 55 family at my wedding and Abri had one friend. It was just too far for them all. Elephants are so incredible. They are so intelligent and have deep emotions.

We’re very excited to hear that you’ll be informing us more about the poaching situation.

Kristin: Yes when I figure out what we can all do about poaching I will speak up! I hate to tell people of bad news without something they can do. When you do, we’ll cover the story for all our readers.

Kristin: Great! Thanks for covering it!

We really can change things together. Alone and separate we’re doomed I think.

Amazing how we have this technology that can unite us for good.

Look what the Cove guys have done! 1.7 million signatures to Japan to stop slaughtering dolphins! Yes, very inspiring!

For those interested in signing the petition against dolphin hunting:

So you got to meet all of Abri’s family. That sounds great!

Kristin: It was wonderful. I understand him even better now. It really fills in so many gaps. Let’s get to why you are here tonight. The Amanda Foundation.

What does the foundation do exactly?

Kristin: Ok…Amanda Foundation. Run by Teri Austin, who was on Seinfeld and Knots Landing, btw. I didn’t realize that! How wonderful of her to use her talents to help animals!

Kristin: Yes! Teri is amazing! It is really her calling. Tireless efforts and it makes her happy to save lives from the pound. So they do animal rescues? Saving abandoned pets?

Kristin: Yes! Teri saves them from any and all situations, gives them vet care, food, shelter, walks, love, and will keep them their entire lives until they get a great home. Not just any home.

I’ve known Teri for 15 years. A GREAT woman! She’s saved 1000s and still remembers every single name of every single one. Holy moly! I can hardly remember my own name some days!

And I hear they have a spay program as well, for strays?

Kristin: She has a spay and neuter mobile hospital they take to a different neighborhood over 300 days a year and give people vet care who can’t afford it. It also stems the tide of pet overpopulation.

I’ve seen the van. It’s amazing. Designed by Teri. She told me she’d rather have this van than a Ferrari! Have you been involved with them for long?

Kristin: I have known them for 15 years. I do anything I can think of for them.

In this economy and with so many disasters overseas, many local charities are closing or down 70% in donations!!! I feel we need to remember to take care of those here too! And how did you first get started with them?

Kristin: I adopted a cat when I first moved here. Then I took a friend there years later and reconnected with Teri. We became friends. We bonded over our love of the animals. Can you tell us about some of your events? When you’ve worked with them?

Kristin: We did an event last year, “True Blood Hounds” on Rodeo in Beverly Hills. Michelle Forbes, Tara Buck, Rutina and Mariana (@Klavenofarmgirl) came. Chow too! It was very cool of everyone.

Then we also had one recently. A fashion show I did at the Pacific Design center. I walked a very cute dog who was dressed up down the runway. Did you get your adorable dogs from The Amanda Foundation?

Kristin: I got my two dogs now from all over. One from a bad shelter here. My rottie mix. Then my other guy—I was fostering a litter and the rottie and the little lab/pit/jindo mix stayed!

They just find me from all over. I am so lucky! Now I am down to two dogs. Soon I bet another will find us. I really miss my cat, who I had found. He was awesome. You’re so sweet to help all those fur folks!

Kristin: It really is so rewarding to rescue. It’s really a very selfish endeavor! I can’t imagine life without them!

They just love me no matter what. Pimples. Money, no money. Fat, thin…They just love us. And you’ve got a very special item. You’re auctioning off for the proceeds to go to them?

Kristin: YES!!!

I did a drawing of Alex Skarsgard! AND we both signed it!! ALL proceeds go to the Amanda Foundation.

Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman, True This is all very exciting, and you’re going to be doing more cast drawings to benefit Amanda Foundation?

Kristin: Who should I draw next? I think a sexy Stephen Moyer might go over well…

Kristin: Also we have t-shirts, don’t we? We will very soon! Maybe next week 🙂

Kristin: Yes! Ok! A sexy Stephen Moyer sounds great!!! Stephen said he’d love for me to draw him! Heck, I might have to bid on that 😉

Kristin: And yes, I think I will just do one cast after the other! They’re all very drawable! They are all yummy. That’s why our site’s motto is: Team True Blood. Why choose?

Kristin: Yes, why choose?!

Thanks SO MUCH for your help on this!

And thanks to all you folks bidding and tuning in, too!

And thanks to Abri who just brought me snacks 🙂 How wonderful for the fans and The Amanda Foundation, what a rare opportunity!

Can you tell us a bit about getting Alex involved? About posing etc.?

Kristin: First I asked him if he’d be up for it and of course he said yes! Then I found a photo of Alex online that I loved as he looks like an old movie star in it, a la James Dean. I then finished it and brought it to him to see. He said, “You’re good.” 🙂 A man of understatement 😉 You’re great!

Kristin: Alex is a truly great guy. He also did a Tails for Whales photo, and supports Janet Casdawan’s necklaces for whales for IFAW. He’s truly sweet.

It’s an amazing group of people that make up True Blood. Is Alex an animal lover too, then?

Kristin: I don’t think Alex’s as crazy as I am about fur! But I think he’s a sweet man who wants to help.

Wow. I really cant ype!…I eman, type. I mean…I mean type. You’re doing fine, everyone on Twitter speaks typo! Right, guys?

Kristin: Thank God. I never took typing in high school. The ONE thing I would still be using. And you’ve both autographed the drawing?

Kristin: YES, we both autographed it. Alex even added the little Swedish sign, for the soccer team? Rugby?….It’s Swedish anyway!

BTW, sorry all you others that will get 1 billion tweets from me today. I don’t normally talk on and on like this anyone but Abri. We’ll be giving out the web address for the auction in a few, folks 🙂

Kristin: GREAT!

I can’t tell you how great this rescue and so many are. They are doing the work we want done but are too busy doing our own lives. We can help them to help easily.

Are we doing the prints, too, today or later? Later.

@BauervanStraten just loves leaking little tidbits to whet your appetites, guys. Yes, it’s true, there is more yummy Alex stuff to come!

So it sounds like charity work is a family thing for you. Your husband, Abri (who looks like a Norse GOD, BTW) cut a CD and is selling it to benefit the whales?

Kristin: LOLOL! Weeeellll….that might just beeee….MY HUSBAND!!!

And for the rest of this week, I will send an autographed Pam photo with Abri’s CD “Sunlight and Shadows” through Amazon.

You can hear it on

He wrote “Monet” for me!!! You are SO lucky! What got him involved with whales?

Kristin: I got him involved with IFAW and whales. Then he wrote the song “Voices” off this new CD and gave it to them. We donate proceeds. What kind of music does he play?

Kristin: His music is like James Taylor, Sting, Chris Rea…classical guitar and a deep sexy South African voice! I heard “Rain” off his last CD and tracked him down and asked him out! I LOVE his music. It’s very romantic and soothing. You go! Does he have any performances scheduled in the near future?

Kristin: Yes, I will let you all know when Abri plays out soon. Looks like he’ll be playing EyeCon in Orlando in November. We’ll retweet them! 🙂 And cover them at EyeCon, of course.

So back to the CD. Where can a fan get a copy?

Kristin:—Abri van Straten “Sunlight and Shadows” Click through to Amazon to help us out!

Kristin: I better go soon. Gotta walk those dogs and be up early to talk to a radio station in Milwaukee.

I can do an autograph with each CD for the rest of this week. Then we’ll resume when I am back in the US in a month. Ok, sorry this went longer than expected.

Kristin: IT’S BEEN FUN!!! We just can’t let you go without saying how great Pam has been this season!

Kristin: THANK YOU!!!

You guys rock! Anything else you want to ask before I go?

Thanks so much for so much help! It’s really been our pleasure. Helping animals is a true love of ours.

Thank you so very much for your time tonight.

Kristin: My pleasure too! You are so awesome! THANK YOU!!! *blushes* You da bomb, lady. Very brave to do the 1st Twitterview AND help all the creatures of the world.

So that’s it folks, be sure to bid early and bid often on Kristin’s beautiful drawing of the equally beautiful Alex and help out The Amanda Foundation and a lot of very sweet puppies and kittens!

Update: Last week, Kristin’s drawing sold for a winning bid of $1,005, all of which will go to benefit The Amanda Foundation! 100 prints of the Alex sketch are now available for auction. Details here.

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