Are You Ready For Sunday’s True Blood Yet!

July 10, 2009 by  

More and more True Blood hype is popping up on the web. I think this was well planned strategy by Alan Ball and HBO to drive us all completely insane [actually I didn’t have to be driven, I just paused there for a bit on my own, KIDDING!!]

Found this new Eric pic  from the kind ladies at, Alexander Skarsgard Fans they master the art of everything and anything Alex. So get a good look at what is coming up for us this Sunday.

Also had some fun of my own graphic [not the graphic you’re thinking of, get your mind out of the gutter.] with another spoiler photo.  Really folks, why should I suffer alone when I can share my suffering and insane anticipation with all of you!

(photo credit: Alexander Skarsgard Fans)



Could not help thinking of the line in “Oliver Twist”, me asking it of course!

(photo credit:HBO/Graphic by Andrea)

  • I let cha know how it is 😉

  • pbartteacher

    What can we all say “Yummy” with a capital Y. Keep those photos and videos coming. It has been two whole weeks since my last True Blood “V” fix. My DVR is burning up from watching past episodes. Alan Ball and HBO what were you thinking! Looks like they are giving us more of what we are craving. AKA more Alexander/Eric for us fans.