Are You Ready For Sunday’s True Blood Yet!

July 10, 2009 by  

More and more True Blood hype is popping up on the web. I think this was well planned strategy by Alan Ball and HBO to drive us all completely insane [actually I didn’t have to be driven, I just paused there for a bit on my own, KIDDING!!]

Found this new Eric pic  from the kind ladies at, Alexander Skarsgard Fans they master the art of everything and anything Alex. So get a good look at what is coming up for us this Sunday.

Also had some fun of my own graphic [not the graphic you’re thinking of, get your mind out of the gutter.] with another spoiler photo.  Really folks, why should I suffer alone when I can share my suffering and insane anticipation with all of you!

(photo credit: Alexander Skarsgard Fans)



Could not help thinking of the line in “Oliver Twist”, me asking it of course!

(photo credit:HBO/Graphic by Andrea)