Reasons to Love True Blood over Twilight

June 7, 2010 by  

As if we needed any more! Nevertheless, IGN’s Matt Fowler wrote a feature entitled “Why True Blood Kicks Twilight’s Ass.” It’s sure to offend some, but the article is hilarious and sums up why True Blood deserves the obsessive fans it’s got.

To begin the argument, Fowler writes,

True Blood is a salaciously sinister and fiendishly fun series featuring insane characters filled with life and color. Twilight is a sniffly-nosed, dew-covered mope-fest filled with silence and shame.”

He then goes on to cite the evidence for his case:

Vlad the Impaler

True Blood takes sexy vampires and shows them having sex. For mythological creatures that have always been seductive, people want to see that stuff play out. True Blood embraces that raw sexual attraction and lets its characters get naked and turn up the heat, rather than longing glances and unsatisfied urges.

A Grave New World

Having vampires come “out of the coffin” allows True Blood to make interesting social commentary:

True Blood tackles racism, segregation, religion and a flurry of other socially relevant topics that helps the series stand out as a true game-changer in the vampire genre.”

The political hierarchy with sheriffs and monarchs also creates a new facet of vampire life heretofore unseen. It makes them more relatable to our own lives to see them interacting within that structure.


Rather than making the vampires sparkle, True Blood sticks to the established lore (sunlight, stakes, silver = bad) while being complex. They are animalistic and refined at the same time. The show respects the classic vampire culture but adds to it.

Werewolf? There Wolf!

While the Twilightwerewolves” like Jacob Black are just a clan of shapeshifters that turn into wolves, “Season 3 of True Blood, just like book 3 of the [CharlaineHarris series, contains real freaking’ werewolves who will really freaking’ rip your face off!”

The Devil’s Concubines

It’s almost not fair to compare the female leads in these series, but this article does so anyway. Bella is irrational, dull, and whiny, whereas Sookie Stackhouse is beautiful and strong-willed. She loves her vampire boyfriend, Bill, but she’s not ready to throw everything away to lose her humanity:

“As tumultuous as Sookie’s existence has been and always will be, she loves who she is and wants to grow old and experience life like a normal girl.”

Fango and Cash

“Comparing Edward and Jacob to Bill and Eric is kind of like comparing an ice sculpture of a malnourished swan and a broken piece of treated back porch flowing to ferocious hell-demons with flaming…”

I’ll just stop there, but it basically goes on to say that Eric and Bill are sexy beasts.

We all have our own preferences and the freedom to watch and think whatever we like, but IGN made a good point with this feature: compared side by side with Twilight, there’s really no contest. True Blood combines so many elements–the supernatural and the human, the depth and the humor, and much more–that it’s hard not to love it, no matter your gender or age. Truebies can’t get enough!

You have to read Matt Fowler‘s in-depth analysis between True Blood and Twilight as you will find his commentaries quite humorous. Please click here to be taken to his article.


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