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true-blood-season-2-poster-newThe countdown to the season two finale has definitely begun! As the excitement grows until we finally get to see the resolution to Maryann and her sacrifice, IGN TV recounted their favorite moments of True Blood up to this point.

Couple of the Year,” referring to Bill and Eric — “The southern gentleman and the euro-hipster in a tracksuit”– at the clothing store. The saleswoman might have gotten the wrong impression when she saw these two together but it’s not a bad idea! Especially when you look back at the scene from season one where Eric is waiting in Bill’s bath (“I texted you three times. Why didn’t you reply?”) Forget Sookie — man love is clearly on the horizon and the formation of a new team: Team Bill-n-Eric.

Eddie’s End,” the inevitable demise of the pathetic vampire who was just looking for companionship and ended up getting used for his V juice. He brought out a new side in Jason:

Not only were Jason’s scenes with Eddie touching but they showed us how quiet and successfully emotional this show could be when it tried to.

If only Amy hadn’t staked him and reduced him to a messy pool of blood and guts…

Bill’s Beginning,” the flashbacks to human Bill from “Sparks Fly Out.” The weary soldier’s goodness and loyalty to his wife and children showed Lorena that he was worthy to stay alive but she turned him into a vampire so that he could be hers.

Seeing Bill watch his family from a distance and ultimately say goodbye with a bloody tear, was heartbreaking.

AIDS Burger,” Lafayette’s memorable outburst against bigotry. The fry cook may wear have some effeminate qualities but he can stick up for himself. Alan Ball says in an episode commentary that he didn’t think Lafayette would have survived as a gay black kid growing up in rural Louisiana if he weren’t tough. And the beatdown of Royce, followed by the comment, “Tip your waitress,” was enough to show us that True Blood wouldn’t be the same without Lafayette.

Sex and Candy,” Jessica’s entrance into Merlotte’s when she finally found herself free of her mainstreaming maker, Bill. She may be an annoying, impulsive young vampire but she proved that there was still some sweetness in her:

She entered Merlotte’s with the worst of intentions and met up with a young man with the best of intentions. Hoyt.

The Other White Meat,” dream scene or not, seeing Eric and Sookie naked in bed together drove the fans wild. Stephen Moyer’s Bill has been much more prominent than the book character but that doesn’t mean that Eric is not going to be part of Sookie’s romantic future. Who knows when the relationships will actually shift but until then, there’s this scene, where you get to see the big Viking “smile and act cuddly.”

Three Dog Night,” when Sookie went to sleep with a dog and woke up with naked Sam. After learning her friend’s secret and getting over the initial shock, it brought them closer together because they could relate in their shared weirdness.

Kablammo!,” the bomb going off in the lair of the Dallas vampires.

It was a powerful and unexpectedly grim turn for the Fellowship of the Sun, who up until this point, thanks to its leadership, seemed like a bunch of soft, although impishly wicked, evangelical twits.

Luke walked away from the almost-battle in the church when Godric broke things up but he showed how strongly he felt about his cause. Plus, Eric had the opportunity to shield Sookie and trick her into drinking his blood.

Digging the Grave,” when Sookie decapitated Rene with “a freakin’ shovel!” She’s gotten kicked around quite a lot over the two seasons but Sookie is not a helpless victim. She will fight for her loved ones and her town. Her hand giving off that energy against Maryann was just another sign of how strong Sookie is becoming.

Make Up Sex,” Bill and Sookie show their passion for each other after fighting in the season two premiere, “Nothing But the Blood.” Sure, there are lots of sex scenes in True Blood but IGN TV picked this one as the best because of how it re-invested viewers in the show.

It’s what we all want to see when we watch an adult show about vampires.

For myself, I would have put Bill and Sookie’s first time on here instead because of the moment when his fangs come out — he thinks she won’t want him anymore but she kisses him anyway, truly accepting him for the vampire that he is. But I agree that the make-up sex is hotter.

Sunspots,” Godric’s farewell on the hotel roof. Eric’s tears and pleading with his maker showed a depth of emotion that we can only imagine, after their 1,000 years of connection. Godric’s gentleness made us feel the loss of him, even though we had only seen him in a couple of episodes.

A couple moments that I would add to this list: When Jason and Andy save Sam from the possessed mob by pretending to be “the god who comes.” Also when Eric punishes Royce for the silver and asks Lafayette if there’s blood in his hair.

What are some of your favorites that aren’t on here? And I don’t know about all of you but the only way I’m going to get through the long months of True Blood withdrawal will be to watch these scenes repeatedly.


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  • Angi T

    Teacup Humans! I’m still laughing!

  • antonio

    1 of the All-Time Best moments was at the beginning after Sookie saves Bill. Bill:Would you like some of my blood? Sookie: No,Never touch the stuff! Bill:They say it can make you healthy and give you a great sex life. Sookie: I’m healthy as a horse and I have NO sex life to speak of.
    When she puts the silver chain around her neck He tells her there are Other arteries that are much more desirable especially in the groin ~~~looking kinda hungry Sookie says “You Shut your Nasty mouth! You talk to me like the Lady I am!”
    Gotta luv that!! LOL
    Plus Sookie’s “sex dream” of Bill. Sookie: I didnt think we would have sex this soon. Bill:Who said Anything about sex!”
    He bares his fangs with snarl…Just Awesome!
    And Who can ever forget the new phrase coined by the show Fangbanger!! LOL

  • antonio

    There are So many favorite moments! When Jess tells Bill sometime in season 1 i think, ” You were supposed to be lookin’ out for Me, You SUCK!! You DO SUCK!! I must have laughed for days!! It just cracked me up!! Eric rips that guy apart in front of Lafayette and then turns to himand says “Did I get blood in My hair?! I laughed myself silly!!! He then says “Watch Yourself,I’m Still Hungry!” A Riot!
    Not to mention that scene with Jason in the tub and Sarah “comforting” him…Hysterical!!
    Sookie saying about Jess “I think I’m gonna like her” the look on Bill’s face “Sookie Do Not become girlfriends with Her!”
    It was funny,too when they brought her to Dallas.
    She spooked that limo driver guy…Funny!!

  • Angie

    One of my favorite scenes was Andy yelling at Lafayette in Merlotte’s back room & Lafayette imagining it was Eric. I was laughing out loud at the look on Eric’s face. Then, Terry with the PTSD “imagine a glowing ball…” comforting Lafayette. Good scene with excellent acting by all involved.

    By the way, Bill & Sookie’s first time sex is WAY hotter than the make up sex!

    • missyella


      The sex in the Gravyard, when Sookie thiught Bill was in the fire that killed Diane, Liam and malcolm.

      Come to think of it, Bill knew this was going to happen and he never warned them.Ummmmm

  • antonio

    I think Jason apologizing to Sookie for being such a bonehead was nice. 1 Part that always cracks me up when Terry is preparing to make chili or something and Sookie reminds him that last time he forgot to add corn chips and he shouts out in disgust “Sh*t” I Love that he got so pissed!! Sam and Daphne’s comments before making it on a pool table ” Nice rack….Nice balls” cracks me up!! Jason is So stupid believing Sarah and all her “We need you” BS! When the townspeople try to sacrifice Sam and Jason pretends to be a deity Sam : I said smite me,mother-f***er!! Hysterical!!
    It was nice to see Sam and Bill finally working together to spare Sookie from Maryann…and take her out…what a sick,warped bitch she was!! Sookie telling Sam I’m Sorry I’m So SO sorry! after Maryann ordered Eggs to plunge the knife into Sam. It was All so memorable! its a great show!!

  • antonio

    This has been quite a season!! My favorite moments were Jessica’s scene with her family and Bill coming to straiten out the mess Sookie:Bill,Thank God you’re here! Bill: Shut Up!!
    That whole scene was So Cool! Jess and Hoyt her being disciplined by Bill..Jess: I hate your f***ing guts! Bill: Your in Big Trouble little lady! Jess: Eat s**t!! I Love that!! So funny!! So many moments!! Of course The finale was the best!
    Bill gets dressed up and takes Sookie to a fancy restaurant he dances with her and then proposes…Incredible!! It was great to see Sam and Bill bring down Maryann what a sick bitch!!
    Of course Jason whose clueless egotism always amkes me laugh hasto take All the credit for saving the town from Maryann…what a load!!

  • JANE


  • Amanda

    One of my favorite scenes has to be with Pam and her poor pumps when Eric made her look through the woods for MaryAnn. Another is Andy’s comment about his dancing skills “an epileptic on meth” and then later when he proved it! Best scene of the season? Eric and Sookie in Sookie’s dream sequence. Here’s to hoping they get together!

  • Missyella

    1. When Sookie calls Eric a big “a hole” amd punches him in the Stomach, the noise of Eric’s/Alexander’s Abs was perfection.

    2. Sookie cuddling Bill and Eric statement “I think I’m gonna cry”.

    3. Sookie after being clawed by the Maenad and is being treated by the Doctor, the look of Eric, seated Fangs out drooling waiting to give her his Blood, only to be thwarted by Bill.

    4. Teacup Humans and Eric’s flying, what more can you add.

    5. The Rooftop scene, to have Eric’s character going from assured Vampire, Angry Vampire, lost and weeping Vampire, all perfectly clad and beautiful in black, what a scene, makes me sad each time I watch it and yes the looks they exchanged as he left Sookie on the Roof with Godric.

    6. Godric seeing/meeting the Sun, so well done and moving.

    7. Any scenes with Sam and Tara. Sokie and eric, Jessica and Hoyt, not forgetting Maxine Hoyt’s Mother. And Pam laugh a minute Pam!!!!

    8. My ultimate favourite, Eric allowing Lafayette to drink his Blood to heal his Leg and the miraculous recovery, leading to lots of humping of Furniture, Floor etc.

    Eric watching with bemusement/amusement, then saying I have to fly!!! Priceless.

    In fact the series has been so perfect and I have already got my season 1 DVDs on order from HMV. (I am London based) due for release in October here.

  • Lizzie 1701

    Graveyard sex did it for me!

  • jay

    Roof top scene 4 me…Particularly the moment when sookie grabs erics hand, and they look in each others eyes.. Touching scene 4 those 2, who up until that point, couldnt stand each other..Well maybe only on sookies part!.. Who am I kiddn, Im just a hopeless romanitc! LOL!!

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  • Lori V.

    A bull. in a dress. with claws!( shows arm) war wound.

  • Amanda

    “Bill, you’re right, I believe I can sense her emotions.” That was the best for me, I had to pause it I was laughing so hard.

    • Loleaf

      I really thought that part was great also!!The coyness was priceless.. I like the part on the roof when Sookie took Eric’s hand and told him that she would stay with Godric as long as it takes. The look that he gave her was heartwarming. Eric didn’t want to leave him to die alone, and with Sookie staying with Godric I believe that Eric won’t ever forget her doing that for him!!