The Robert Pattinson of True Blood Poll Results Are In!

July 5, 2009 by  

300truebloodskarsgardalexlc062909The votes are in, and we know your just “undying” (I love these stupid little puns, yes I amuse myself) to know who won Ted Casablanca’s E! Online Poll titled “Who is The R.Pattz of True Blood .” It was a bit of a landslide with the winner getting more than fifty percent of the vote. Have you read this far, or have you already hit the link?

Well it’s not like I am giving you the answer, although… I did put up a picture of the handsome, bad ass vampire who won (that’s how E! referred to him and I definitely agree). Oh well you can still read the rest of the article for detailed results just hit the link!

(photo credit: Steven Lippman/HBO)