Romantic Dilemma Brewing For Sookie Stackhouse On True Blood

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Sookie's True Blood MenMTV’s Hollywood Crush asks True Blood fans to “find out which Bon Temps Man is your Perfect Match.”  It’s looking more and more like Alan Ball is setting up poor Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) for a tough choice.  Maybe Sookie should take a look at MTV’s handy guide so she can make a more informed decision.

She’s already taken a pass on “the do-good loner,” Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) in Season 1. You know the type, the one that would bring you breakfast in bed than ditch you for the big game. The only problem is you don’t really know him since he won’t tell you about his childhood.

With current flame, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), he has lit Sookie‘s passion and won her love. It seems that Sookie loves:

“The southern gentleman. A guy who’ll open doors, carry your packages and even risk frying in the sun to ensure your safety.”

He is the quintessential man (vampire) who sweeps you all your feet with his southern charm and makes you feel that you are the most important person in the world to him and you would always know that his love for you is eternal.

However, now that Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) is making a play for Sookie and has tricked her into drinking some of his thousand-year-old blood, she’s finding that he’s more than the tough guy we got to know in Season 1.  She’s learning that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is:

The bad boy with the big heart. Your guy is like a Tootsie Pop: hard on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside — once he lets you in, that is.

Sookie‘s dilemma will likely not be resolved in Season 2, so viewers have a lot more romantic drama to look forward to with Season 3.

Which Bon Temps man would you choose?  Maybe you crave the wise, old soul type. A man who knows a lot about himself and the world around him.  If that is the case then Godric (Allen Hyde) would be the one to fulfill your fantasies.

Perhaps you prefer the brawny, blue-collar worker type who always looks good with his shirt off and you don’t mind having to teach him a few things about staying away from the wrong crowd.  He could sure teach you a few things that you never knew about as well.  Then your type would be Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) who is adorable both inside and out.

If you like your man to be good with his hands and a good fixer-upper but,  don’t mind he has a few skeletons in his closet then Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) is the one for you.  The perfect guy to nurture those old wounds that are not visible on the surface.

Or maybe you just want some fun-loving guy you can party with and not worry he will every take advantage of you and will always tell you the truth about how you look in those jeans. If you want a man like that then Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is the guy you want.  You may not be his type but, you would always know you can rely on him to be there for you when things get tough.

Check out MTV’s perfect match descriptions to see all the choices.

SOURCE: MTV’s Hollywood Crush

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  • antonio

    Part of this dilemma is that AB and the writers continue to involve Sookie in these romatic quandries…I think it makes the show better more interesting but thats just my opinion.
    Bill and Sookie is the core of the show. Their relationship drives the show and I like seeing it develop. To add more drama
    She is paired with Sam Merlotte who I think always liked her
    She is with Sam when she thinks Bill is destroyed(to use the term dead in this sense would be redundant)
    Now she may be linked with Eric Not a bad plot twist.
    Inthe subsequent episodes she may be linked with Werewolves
    and who knows what or who else? That tense drama makes the show what it is!!
    Bill and Sookie belong together I agree but Is their love strong enough to undergo testing? We will see.

  • jane


  • jay

    In relation to chemistry.. We all perceive the chemistry between the 3 differntly. Thats just the way it is!! Bill and sookie have chemistry. Eric and sookie have chemistry. Bill and Sookie have more for obvious reasons. But that doesnt undermine the fact that eric and sookie have chemistry to. I think the pure fact that there is a discussion on this indicates we all see the chemistry one way or the other..
    For me, I will admit I find eric and sookies chemistry more exciting.. Why? To me its exciting, because its almost forbidden. “How dear sookie have chemisty with eric, she is with bill in real life!!” The fact that AP & SM are together in real life, makes this love triangle on the show almost real in an uncanny way! For me that unrealistically excites me. LOL!!! So when I saw the dream sequences, I saw a spark! But thats just me.
    In relation to the article, which one man, vamp, supe whatever. Would I suggest to sookie? Have them all Sook. Your allowed LOL!!!

  • Missyella

    Hi there everyone in the States,

    It is facination reading all the comment on this wonderful site and being able to offer my own opinion(s), from little old England.

    I have to confess I am an Eric/Alexander junkie and cannot get enough of him, since the Books and the first sighting at Fangtasia.

    Isis you were very lucky and I had to admit felt a pang of jealousy that you were able to meet them all.

    With regard to the relationship, that Bill and Sookie have, I feel that that is based on a lie, due to the Blood bond (sexual attraction, that Humans and vampires are mesant to have), etc.

    As I read it, Sookie and Eric are intrigued by one another and as we know hatred can turn to allure, can turn to lust, to love.

    Episode 9 where Eric dupes Sookie, was a hoot, why did Bill who knows/knew of Eric’s unspoken attraction to Sookie, because he finds her facinating/interesting. warn her of tasting any other Vampires Blood, okay we know she tasted some of Long Shadow’s, only no attraction there because he was staked.

    I think Bill tells Sookie only what he wants her to know and i do not trust him.

    As for the chemistry in the scenes between Eric and Sookie, we have to remember that this WAS her dream, so of course it would be a little strained, as Bill is meant to be her true love or so she thinks and did Bill not plant the Seed when he told her that she would feel an attraction to Eric, so I am imagining that she is trying to fight what she knows is coming!!! (does that make semse?) and felt guilty.

    What about Lorena, I feel that this is unfinished business for Bill and where will Sookie be?

    I really believe that the scenes at Godric’s stripping of Area 9’s Sherriff was key. Bill punching Eric and getting no response from him, spoke volumes. Eric could have torn him limb from limb, but chose not too, I believe because Sookie was there and he had to go to his Maker and her seeing him as a vulnerable Vampire makes her feelings for him greater, bearing in mind she has a big Heart and you could see from the sideways glances she was giving him, while he was focussed on Godric.

    The scenes between them will get better as Bill fades into the background.

  • BLF

    Back to the topic of the article…I am so on the fence right now. Between knowing what happends in the books and where we are in the show and the changes we have seen with the characters, my loyalty is divided. All I can say is Go Sookie!

    On the off topic of the actors and chemistry, we all see what we want to see based on how we want the matchup to be whether its Sookie/Bill or Sookie/Eric, or Sookie/???

    This a show where they are all having fun together and are close knit (esp with the night shootings)

  • Danielle

    I find Eric to be so sexy and so manipulative but he’s found the one woman who he can’t control and that intrigues him all the more

  • Elizabeth

    I think Bill and Sookie are the best pairing. Their chemistry is very hot! They are comfortable together so can try new things – remember episode 1 of this season!!!That was wow!

    I liked Eric until ep 9 where he duped Sookie. That was like raping her. Now all I want to do is ff his scenes. Disgusting!

    All I saw in the dreams sequence was choreographed sex as the producer wanted it.

    • AmyofAdelaide

      Clearly you havn’t read the books
      considering in the books
      an actual physical rape does occur with Sookie and it certainly isn’t Eric. *coughBillcough*

  • pbartteacher

    No he does say cream cheese. I say cream puff. And yes I love his wardrobe choices. They are perfect for the character. I hope Nelsan gets a nomination for an Emmy this year. So deserving.

    • Nadeen

      Oh lol hes an awesome actor his expressions tell you so much! Very much deserving of recognition, many of the actors on the show deserve recogntion, I’ver heard ppl say ensemble cast, but this is truly a talented ensemble cast!

  • pbartteacher

    That was way too funny.

  • pbartteacher

    Well, at least that’s what I say. Maybe it was a mistake on Nelsan’s part.

    • Nadeen

      I could sworn he said cheese I’ll take another look, either way it was Funny!! He has on a short denim jacket tonight, I cant wait!

  • Val

    Well again I have to agree with pbart! I admit to prefering Alex but I sure saw chemistry there! Stephen and Anna have been living together for 18 months and are getting married-so are not really new to each other.They know each other’s likes and dislikes and make love on-screen like they do. Alex is a new addition and SOOO attractive that I think it would be difficult NOT to show interest! I would be jealous if I was Stephen!

    • Nadeen

      Stephen/Anna being together for 18 months means that “getting married-so are not really new to each other”, I beg to differ. There on screen chemistry is added by that they are together off screen, they can be extra on screen in there scenes because they know what clicks and what doesnt click, thats a good thing!

      The Eric/Sookie pairing is something I’m looking forward to see!
      Alexander is an awesome actor and yes very very attractive! I dont think Stephen ( who is also and attractive man ) is jealous or worried at all!

      • pbartteacher

        Yes, Alex is attractive. As Lafayette said, “that boy is sex on a stick.” I love that Lafayette. He is too funny.

        • Nadeen

          Lafayette is sooooo Awesome I use to say Sex on a Stick at Random moments and ppl thought I was crazy,lol! One of the best scenes from last weeks episode was when he called the college girl Cream Cheese!! Who calls someone Cream Cheese?!!

          • pbartteacher

            Cream puff not cream cheese.

  • pbartteacher

    Both of Sookie’s relationships, with Bill and Eric are awesome but in different ways. The relationships are a study in contrasts and I believe Alan Ball has done this on purpose. I find her relationship with Bill to be cute. The first time having sex. How romantic. You know first time lovers. Sookie’s first experience with love and sex.

    I have to disagree with you about Eric and Sookie. I loved the whole dream sequence in bed. The two chatting and kissing. I found that scene to be so warm and genuine. That whole scene had such a light and airy feeling about. And at the end when Alex says “This is the beginning” and then kisses Anna, I’m sorry that was hot. You have to remember that this is Sookie’s imagination and not reality. I have a feeling if Alan Ball follows even some of the plot lines from the novels that sex with Eric will be quite different from Sookie’s dreams. Let’s face it in the novels, sex with Eric is hot. Sookie says its the best she’s ever had.

    My hope is that true life romances/relationships will not influence on screen plot lines in the future. All the actors who are involved are consummate professionals and will deliver the best performances possible. Don’t you just love TB. Can’t get enough of it.

    • Regardless of what you’re saying, you have to see that the actors DID film those scenes together, and between the two of them, that spark is NOT present. Meaning, even if that particular “scene” is in Sookie’s mind, the chemistry between the actors is STILL NOT THERE! You can’t force chemistry where there is none.

    • Nadeen

      Sookie will be different with Eric because Bill and Eric are completely different. I know ppl that have read the book are excited to see the Eric/Sookie pairing, but all the hot moments are courtesy of Alex/Eric, he’s alluring! I liked both scenes but the level of attraction isnt at the same level as Bill/Sookie. Maybe it might change as there relationship grows?

      I wanna see Eric/Sookie, because I want to see how Sookie is transformed because Eric is different from Bill and this will be her second romantic relationship in the show.

      Chemistry regardless of off screen relationships is natural, its just not there with Eric/Sookie ( this is coming from a person who is making all observations from the television show only!)

      I can’t wait I love the show completely and I like both Eric and Bill characters outside there relationships with Sookie!

  • Herro

    I think Bill and Sookie have great chemistry! I too thought the Sookie/Eric scenes were a bit akward.

  • Sydney

    I could not disagree more. Bill and Sookie have zero spark. None whatsoever and its probably because they are together in real life. Boring. Eric and Sookie defintely have chemistry, a spark, whatever you what to call it. They cannot separate B/S fast enough.

  • One problem with the Sookie romance thing… Handsome as Alexander Skarsgard is, he and Anna really don’t have a romantic “spark” that I’ve seen. I watched the dream sequences and my first thought was, “Wow, they’re really trying to make this look romantic and loving, but it’s REALLY not working. Instead, it seems like these two are friends trying to pretend to be more.”

    As for me, Godric then Bill for my choices.

    • Nadeen

      I thought I was the only one that saw that missing Spark too. I love Alexander Skargard, I loved him since Gen-Kill,but the dream sequences were lacking for me. I know book people Love Sookie/Eric, but for the show I dont think the triangle will be a long term thing.

      And I’ve read on other boards that its a dream sequence it will be better when it happens for “real”…..ummmm no it won’t be. Sookie/Bill scenes are so good very connected, probably because they are a couple in real life! Their scenes are very intimate.

      • That’s exactly how I feel too!

        Actually, it shocked me when I was immediately so comfortable talking and laughing with Steve at Comic-Con while he was signing my stuff, but Alex, who was just as sweet and such a nice guy, kind of scared me a little because he’s so big! I mean, Just standing in front of him and talking, I felt like a two-inch tall person compared to his giant stature! Alex’s personality REALLY fills up a room, whereas for me, Steve was a little more approachable since he wasn’t such a giant personality (I really don’t mean that in a bad way, just that Alex in person is a bit more overwhelming for me than Steve is)…

        • Nadeen

          OMG you met them at Comic Con, I’m not gonna lie I would have been super scared ( Hello Mr Skarsgard would have come out of my mouth!). Alexander is definitely a tall man and I imagine him having snarky personality…so Hot!

          Stephen Moyer in person WOW, just a regular nice guy…I need to go to Comic Con!

          Both men seem to be down to earth, which is awesome considering what Hollywood can do to actors!

          • Comic-Con is really fun, but REALLY crowded, and just got MORE expensive… However, I live in an area where tons of filming happens (no True Blood yet, which sucks… But I’m gonna try and work on that…)

            I know plenty of people in the industry who’ve worked with the actors of True Blood, and all of them have only nice things to say about everybody… Which is a really nice thing to know.

            As for Hollywood, I think it only corrupts those who WANT to be corrupted!

            As for Anna and Steve, I know they enjoy places like the beach, and since I have family down by the beach in Venice, I go there almost every weekend. Maybe one week I’ll luck out and they’ll be there too! (LOL, I’d bet they’d remember me from Con since I gave Anna a birthday present and Steve liked my purple bangs…)

          • Nadeen

            I’ve never been to the west coast now I have a reason to go Comic-Con! Its sounds like an awesome time! I like the entire cast after reading many interviews and watching videos everyone seems to be enjoying themselves!

            If you are lucky enough to run into Anna/Stephen tell them congrats and best wishes! There so cute together!