True Blood’s Russell Edgington is a Top TV Monster

November 2, 2010 by  

Television has a long list of scary characters. So how well does True Blood rate in the scheme of thing?

Denis O'Hare plays True Blood villain, Russell Edgington

"Now, it's time for the weather, Tiffany!"

To  honour Halloween, TV Squad has announced the scariest TV monsters of all time. And it seems that True Blood’s King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington has rated rather well on the fright-o-meter. While the article lists only six, Russell, from Season three of True Blood, comes in at number four, ahead of Lost’s Smoke Monster and the mutants from the original V.

It appears that this newcomer to our small screens with his progressively scary newsreading abilities is enough to scare us in the middle of the night.

But while the catch phrase: “Now, it’s time for the weather, Tiffany,” will eat into our nightmares for quite some time, there were some monsters who were considered scarier than Russell.

Number three was the observers from Fringe, which was beaten by the emotionless child, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone. Taking the top spot as scariest TV monster was the flukeman from The X Files.

So will True Blood be able to top the list next year?

Source: TV Squad – Scariest TV Monsters of All Time (That Actually Scare Us)

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)