Rutina Wesley Discusses Number of Seasons for True Blood

January 13, 2010 by  

In a recent interview with SciFiNow, Rutina Wesley talks about where her character has been, where she’s going, and how much more True Blood we have to look forward to.

She certainly doesn’t give a definitive answer, but Rutina guesses that the show could run for several seasons because people are so drawn to it and there’s nothing else quite like it:

“I think it will run for as long as… I mean, there are nine books out there, and [Charlaine] is going to do three more, but I don’t know if we will that long. People seem to think that True Blood is going to be one of those shows that will run for five or six seasons if not more. It’s going to depend on audience ratings and stuff like that, but I can’t imagine it not running for a long time because the books are so juicy and Alan Ball has also made everything so vibrant, colorful, and imaginative. So I think it’s going to be a show that people are going to be dying to watch for a long time.”

She was also asked whether they might ever do a True Blood movie, but she says that would depend on timing and when the show ended. She already feels like each episode is a mini-movie in itself.

As for what Tara has been through on the show, Rutina was glad she got to show her softer side in Season two. She was less defensive and more open to being taken care of:

“It feels good to be starting a new romance with this beautiful man who serenades her with his guitar. It’s almost like living in a fantasy world a bit.”

Sadly, as those of us who have seen the end of Season two know, happiness couldn’t last forever. Tara will probably be in a dark period in her life when the show returns for season three this summer. Rutina suggests that there may be “some grieving and maybe even a new romance with Sam.”

Working on the show has been an amazing experience for Rutina, one that she still can’t quite believe has actually happened. It’s been an amazing experience for us as viewers, too, so we hope the adventure continues for many more seasons as she seems to think!


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