Rutina Wesley Dishes Out A Helping Of Spoilers

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rutina-wesley-4Rutina Wesley recently spoke with the New York Posts’s “Pop Wrap” about her character, Tara Thornton, on the HBO hit show True Blood. While the vampires are all focused on action in Shreveport and Dallas, things in Bon Temps are heating up for Tara. Stuck in the web that has been woven by Maryann, Tara has some real fighting to do.

Happily, Rutina says that the Hunter’s souffle prepared by Mayann actually contained no heart, only tomatoes, other vegetables and meat (I’ll admit I was totally grossed out during that scene). Rutina goes on to compliment her love interest Mechad Brooks (who plays Eggs). She says she has lost count of his ab muscles and jokes that the producers were serious when they told her they’d found the perfect match for her character.

When Pop Wrap asked her why she thought the show’s ratings improve with each episode, Rutina answered:

Rutina: People have latched on to the show in a very amazing way and I think it’s because this season, the story grabs you right away. If you blink, you’re going to miss a lot. Plus, we all have our own storylines this year and it’s much more interesting when you’ve got, like, 25 character floating around. Plus, Anna [Paquin], Ryan [Kwanten], Stephen [Moyer] and I are so into our roles now, we found our beat with these people, so we’re a lot more comfortable.

She notes that the black contacts everyone wears during the orgy scenes were uncomfortable at first, but much better now. She acknowledged the whole crew had a pep talk before filming the orgy scene(s).

We had a big talk about respecting each other because there were about 50 naked people on the set. It’s a very vulnerable situation, so there was no other option than for us to come together. Granted it was freezing when we shot those scenes, because it was like 4 a.m., which made it harder because there’s no shivering in Louisiana!

Rutina also lets us in on a few spoilers for the rest of this season! Ready for some revelations?

  • Maryann’s chaos is only just beginning – there is much more to her character
  • This week’s episode is where the violence begins
  • The season ends with an even bigger cliffhanger than last season (OH MY GOSH I am on edge about that!!)
  • Tara loses more of herself to Maryann

WOW!!! I can’t wait to see where this is all going – can you? I think Rutina does an amazing job of playing Tara. She’s sharp-tongued, has a wicked sense of humor, and out of Maryann’s clutches she is quite self assured (as long as she isn’t dealing with Lettie Mae).  I’m bracing myself for an explosive season from here on out!!

Source: Pop Wrap

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    Myrilla…I know u just as crazy as they come…Eggs is the truth and his body is to die for…Him and Tara mix very well, hes good at what he does…and I enjoy his body everytime I see it…and his smile makes all the chicks cream…Myrilla u have issues, and it seems as if your judgment is cloudy…How dare u??? Keep Eggs, Keep Lafayette, keep all the characters…I dont wanna see anyone go this cast is magical and I need more…If Eggs leave…or anyone else that will be the death of the show..I love it just the way it is…beautifully done and each episode is well thought out….to the creators and writers and casting crew and cast…all such beautiful minds!!! what will I do while waiting for next season I think I will need some type of rehab…and I refuse to watch that tame/lame twilight crap all that pales in comparison…what will I do???

  • Myrilla

    Ok, so the story is not following the books and that is good. No guessing ahead what will take place, but can you kill off Eggs! Send him and Maryanne on their way to hades. After all, her god needs a sacrifice – why not Eggs. Keeping Lafayette alive and well works and seeing his character “crack” Eggs was a highlight! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • HookedTrueBloodFan4ever

    PS Forgot to mention love the whole Tara Eggs thing, she seems like its the first happiness in her life, please dont take that away from her !!

  • HookedTrueBloodFan4ever

    I Absolutely love TRUE BLOOD, I have read every book, watched every episode(over and over)have all the memorabilia. I think the casting is perfect,Alan Ball is a genius,as is Charlene Harris. The scripts are well written, the fabulous stars,they all deserve awards. The charisma between Sookie, Bill, and Eric, its utterly sensual. Lafayette, Jason, Sam, Arlene,Jessica, Hoyt,all first rate actors.Even the Newlins you had to love,(well mrs. Newlan anyway !)I have enjoyed every second of the show with a few exceptions, I wish they hadnt killed off Gran, and Rene,and the loss of GODRIC, is so huge, I cant even deal with that yet, amazing an actor you see for a few moments, makes you feel like you’ll never forget him.(perhaps we’ll see him in memory sequences) The one real drawback for me is the whole Menyard thing. I think its played out,I’m sick of seeing it, and with all the naked stuff, its hard to tell my mature friends to watch it. Several have told me its Vampire porn. I dont think that, but I do understand how that much sex and nudity puts some people off. I have always liked Michelle Forbes as an actress,(Trek and Galactica) but wish the this part of True Blood was over !I am so thankful that Lafayette’s fate was changed from the book !!And I think it would be awesome if THE ROCK played the coming part of QUINN!!!IM ready to see the werewolves and the fairies !!BRING IT ON But please dont make me wait till 2010, last years wait nearly killed me !!(smililng)

  • DarkAngel

    Yes True Blood is the best thing on television. I was shocked to see it’s already going into season 3 and the wait till summer 2010. I was also saddened by Godric’s death. I felt he could have done a lot more but now he’s gone. (A very kind hearted vampire) Tara’s part is awesome and she has gotten into a whole lot lately. I love her acting. We need to see more of her and I feel soon she will get very vicious especially noticing what Maryann has done.

  • Franklin

    I’m seriously thinking Bacchus himself will show up as the ‘God who demands sacrifice’ Either the real Greek god of wine and party or a fairie who thinks he’s the real god who will be somehow kin to Sookie faire great grandfather from the past who will probably reveal themselves to aide Bon temps residents.

  • Tara

    I can barely stand to wait episode to episode. I was very disappointed last night with Godrics death. I felt that he had alot of potential and had just gotten his character started. Its like he’s there, he’s important, then he’s gone. Very heartbreaking. Keep the suspense coming!

  • Amanda Marie

    This show is truly the best series this summer… maybe even the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see what happens with all the characters!

  • Tams

    Oh wow, this sounds great……I love Tara’s character and I think all on the show are fantastic. Must admit I did adore Sam and Tara together and don’t care much for Eggs (even though his body is a work of art!)