Rutina Wesley Keeps Fit on True Blood

July 18, 2010 by  

It seems that everyone on True Blood is quite fit including Rutina Wesley who plays Tara Thornton on the series. Many have commented on Rutina‘s amazingly toned arms and fit physique which has been the envy of many. Rutina shared with Fitness her secret to what it takes to having such a great body.

Rutina explained that she uses a variety of different techniques including cardio and strength training three times a week along with yoga to stay in shape. As to how she gets her arms so well toned? She shared her special 30-20-10 regimen that anyone can do at home.

“About every other day, I do a special 30-20-10 push-up circuit: 30 push-ups and 30 tricep dips, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.”

So give it a try and maybe you can acquire toned arms just like Rutina.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)