Rutina Wesley in Hometown Las Vegas for Yelloween Event

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Rutina WesleyPlaying Tara Thornton on True Blood is a far cry from anything Rutina Wesley thought she’d be doing when she attended the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts during high school.

Not much from her training there, other than having the “freedom in the way where I can just play around with different choices and not be afraid to jump off the cliff or think out of the box” prepared her for the scenes she’s done, including the crazy orgy scenes she had to do while wearing black contacts and mumbling weird enchantments.

But as she tells Las Vegas Weekly:

If you haven’t been watching True Blood, you’re definitely missing out. There’s something for everyone—not for the kids, not for the kids [laughing]—but something for people who like all different types of things. It’s not just a vampire show. It’s reality meets fantasy, so that means anything could happen. I think it’s such a good show. I hope people continue to watch and I hope people who don’t watch will start watching.

Sam Trammell and Rutina WesleyRutina was back in her hometown of Las Vegas on October 31 to host “Yelloween” with her co-star Sam Trammell at the Lavo nightclub.  While you might expect her to wear something vampiric for the Halloween event, you’d be disappointed.  Her costume?

I think I’m going to go as a pirate, oddly enough.

Since dressing as a vampire might seem too much like work, I can hardly blame her for making a different choice.  And her costume definitely looks good on her.

As for Sam Trammell, I’m guessing from the looks of it, he opted to shun the fang as well, going instead for Viking Eric Northman meets Harry Potter?

In addition to hosting the nightclub event, there are two things Rutina is really looking forward to while she’s at home:

I must see my family. That’s always the number one thing on my list. You know what? I usually love to go bowling when I’m in Vegas. There’s something about Vegas and bowling, do you know what I mean? You know what I mean. Bowling is just the thing to do. I don’t know if it’s because when we grew up, we just didn’t go to the Strip as much because that got boring after a while, so it was like, “What else can you do?” There was bowling and then there’s karaoke. So those are the two things that I always go off and do with my friends.

Rutina is staying busy with appearances at special events, and she will be voicing a character on The Cleveland Show while True Blood is on hiatus.  Filming for Season 3 of True Blood begins in early December.

SOURCE: Las Vegas Weekly

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