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HBO Post Emmy reception had the opportunity to interview Rutina Wesley who plays Tara Thornton, Sookie Stackhouse’s best friend on Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood”. Rutina explained to KING-MAG that what attracted her to take the part in “True Blood” was the opportunity to work with Alan Ball. She stated that once she read the script she knew she could play the role of Tara Thornton because she understood the character and what she was going through and as a result she could related to her. She stated that she was nervous at the beginning of the show because of its graphic nature, however she states that she would not remove her clothes unless it is absolutely necessary. In regards to some people’s criticisms that her portrayal of African Americans may be stereotypical she states:

“I’m trying to make sure I always play a human being with a range of emotions, not this screaming robot. It’s funny—there are people who think I’m hilarious on the show and people who are offended, both black and white. They’re like, “I don’t talk like that. She’s ghetto.” I love hearing the differences, because there are people exactly like Tara—don’t lie and tell me there aren’t.”

She further explains that although Lafayette is a drug dealer in the show, Alan Ball has done “a great job of creating real-life characters that aren’t these stock ones we’ve seen in the past.”

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SOURCE: Killer Curves

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