Rutina Wesley Gets a Makeover from Allure Magazine

January 12, 2010 by  

Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thornton on True Blood, recently underwent a style transformation for a photo shoot with Allure Magazine. She describes her wardrobe as being full of mostly jeans, tank tops, and sneakers. We can tell how comfortable she is in those clothes, given that the costume designer for the show seems to pick stuff like that for her to wear in character. What Allure was trying to do with the makeover, which actresses Rebecca Romijn and Robin Tunney also participated in, was to bring out each woman’s strengths. For Rutina, who calls herself a “tomboy-slash-girlie-girl,” they highlighted her feminine side.

Instead of her usual braids, they teased her hair into a wild mane like Diana Ross. She also wore a clingy dress with a high slit up the thigh to show off her great toned body.

“I felt very sexy. Look at the leg! It reminded me of Tina Turner. I got to be what I am in my dreams: the leading lady. I felt like a princess.”

Rutina said she hesitated to use the word “diva” because it made her sound like she was full of herself, but she seemed amazed by the results of the makeover. And rightfully so! She looks fantastic! Maybe she’ll ask if Tara can get glammed up at some point in Season three!

SOURCE: Allure Magazine via Rutina Wesley’s Facebook

(Photo credit: Michael Thompson / Allure Magazine)