Rutina Wesley Promotes True Blood Season 2 in France

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Rutina200300True Blood love is spreading around the world! The next country that will be able to get caught up in the show is France, with Season two starting to air this week. Some of the cast were able to travel there to do press conferences and get people excited about True Blood. Rutina Wesley did an interview with, in which she spoke about developing the character of Tara and being part of the beloved vampire series.

The complete departure from the minor supporting character of Tara Thornton in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series has given Rutina, executive producer Alan Ball, and the other writers the opportunity to develop an interesting, outspoken, emotional young woman for Sookie’s best friend. Rutina says that she is glad to be acting outside of the source material of the books because of the freedom she has in creating all the different levels to Tara:

“It allowed me to be present in the first season and have a little more importance. I wanted to create Tara in my own way with the writers.”

To embody her character, Rutina had to think about how Tara didn’t really have a childhood and was forced to grow up very fast. It made her defensive, but also intelligent and instinctual. Somehow, she also manages to be capable of deep love, which is why Rutina often says that she is like a “hard flower.”

In response to the analysis that many give that True Blood uses the vampires as a metaphor for minorities, Rutina agrees that if they really did exist they would receive negative reactions for being different. Rutina states that she understands the feeling of being considered a minority. She mentions it is one of the points about True Blood and it gives people an understanding of what it is like to be a minority. Rutina also thinks that the show helps to teach tolerance and about living and relating to people who are different than you, as seen in the way that the humans and the supernaturals interact.

“No doubt. Some viewers may wonder, for example, can they fall in love with a man who can turn into a dog? (laughs) But we must see it as a metaphor: what it means is, can I love someone who is different then me? Personally, I’m married to a man of another race than mine and I can understand that sentiment perfectly. True Blood delivers a very positive message: we can live together, coexist and communicate … although vampires must drink their Tru Blood!” (laughs).

When asked about the criticisms of the characters for being stereotypically Southern or black, Rutina disagrees, believing instead that True Blood has characters who are complete people, with flaws and desires. People often come to her saying that she reminds them of Tennessee, or a cousin or aunt from Mississippi. She mentions there are people who speak in the same manner as Tara does in the southern U.S. so she is portraying them accurately.

The show balances some serious themes with lots of fun and sexiness, too. Rutina laughs about how crazy people are about vampires and how they dream about being bitten by Bill and Eric:

“I think it has much to do with the imagination and fantasizing about something that we can’t have. In my opinion this is one reason for the success of the series–viewers dream of being part of True Blood, of crossing the television screen and entering this world.”

She especially loves the complicated emotions portrayed in the title credits with the “combination of the baptisms and the images of the body and how everything is mixed.” In regards to the sexual vibes on the show and how the women are seen Rutina states that the women are represent in a very sexual way however, there is not in a degrading manner. It is a positive vision of the supernatural community. A world that is so different where you are dealing with people who fly or who can turn into a dog.  She states that the sexy scenes are very well done and in a tasteful manner, “except the orgies.” (laughs).

True Blood fans do indeed find themselves completely captivated by the stories and the characters on the show and cannot wait for season 3 to return.

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