Rutina Wesley Talks Tara and Season 3

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With the coming of season 3 of True Blood, also comes a lot of new twists and turns for Tara Thornton, played by the talented Rutina Wesley.  By the end of season 2 Tara had just lost the love of her life, Eggs. What she doesn’t know is that Jason Stackhouse is the one that pulled the trigger! PopWrap recently sat down with Rutina to see what is in store for Tara in season 3.

Rutina starts by explaining that season 3 starts off with Tara being in the same mindset she was in at the end of season 2 – broken and lost.  Rutina was then asked what she thinks Tara will do if she finds out that Jason is responsible for the death of her love, Eggs. Rutina answered:

“I think it’d hit her hard. Jason has always been a hero to her so it’ll be like a punch in the gut. I don’t know if we’re going to find that out this season, but it’ll be a kick ass scene if we do. I also think when she finds out will also play into it, but no matter what it will be devastating because she adores Jason and for him to have killed the love of her life, that’s the ultimate.”

Rutina explains that her character will definitely not have it easy this season by any means.  As an actress she is still being challenged, but she continues to love what she is doing.  She finds her job fullfiling and a true blessing.

The big news for Tara this season is her involvement with the vampire, Franklin Mott.  Rutina was asked why her character would be become so trusting of a new and mysterious character after the entire incident with Maryann.  Rutina answers, saying:

“You know, I was thinking that too but because she’s so broken, she’s so vulnerable. When you’re at your worst, you usually don’t make the right choices [laughs]. And that’s what we’re seeing here – a girl who is dying for some sort of love or attention and she’s trying to get it wherever she can. Eventually you’ll see her go “wait a minute” but with Franklin, she won’t always have a choice.”

Rutina says that it is hard sometimes to see Tara being so vulnerable because that is so different from her own personality.  She imagines it must be difficult for the audience as well to see a character that you are rooting for just continue to downward spiral.  Rutina explains that one of the perfect examples of this was Tara’s relationship with Sam.  Tara was so blinded she could not see just how perfect Sam was for her.  When asked if she thinks Sam and Tara should get another chance Rutina replied:

“There’s a lot of “Tam” fans as we call them. Personally speaking, I’d love to see her get another chance with him – they make sense to me. They both need validation and are both lonely souls. They sort of need each other. I think they could work if Tara lets down her guard, like she did with Eggs. I think there are a lot of people rooting for Tara & Sam.”

Rutina also explained that she would like to see Tara eventually find happiness and some stability. Granted Rutina understands that may not be until season 11 but Rutina knows that Tara’s turmoil is great to watch in a way because a lot of people go through that same thing. We go through life trying to figure out who we are and how we fit into the world and into our own lives.  Rutina thinks this season will be about Tara coming up from the darkness and out of her hole.  Rutina promises fans that Tara’s survival instincts kick in and that Tara will become incredibly strong and grounded into who she is. Rutina thinks it will be an incredible journey for Tara. Now does Franklin Mott have anything to do with Tara’s journey toward self-discovery. Rutina answers:

“It’s a very psychotic relationship – he’s tall, dark and handsome with an emphasis on the dark. He takes a liking to Tara but he definitely has ulterior motive. I think Tara is intrigued by him because he kinda comes in and saves the day. But we’ll see the two of them really fight it out because he’s going to take a hold over her and she’ll be caught up in him. Not necessarily by choice, but she’s with him and you’ll see her struggle. It’s a very hard, brutal struggle.”

Sounds like season 3 holds a lot in store for Tara and Rutina promises it is going to be one of the best season’s yet!! True Blood is on every Sunday night at 9:00 pm EDT on HBO!

SOURCE:  Pop Wrap

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