Rutina Wesley Talks True Blood at NYC Fashion Show

October 13, 2009 by  

Rutina-Wesley-BeautyIn a interview with Fashion News Live at a recent fashion show in New York City, Rutina Wesley discussed how True Blood has become such a major hit and how pleased she is to see how fast the show has caught on with viewers.

She also talked about the steamy sex scenes in True Blood. Rutina explained that she is married and she always keeps it professional. She was also asked how much her life has changed compared to her life before True Blood. Rutina said that she still feels like the same girl she was before, but now people definitely notice her and she laughed about how fans run up to her now calling her “Tara”.

Rutina feels good being able to inspire her fans and appreciates that so many are moved by her work. Rutina was also asked about the notorious “black eyes” that we saw Tara and the citizens of Bon Temps had while under the control of Maryann. Rutina explained that they achieve that effect with the use of big contact lenses that she admits are pretty painful the first few times she used them, but after a while was able to get used the them. We all appreciate you, Rutina, and the wonderful work you do on True Blood!

SOURCE: Fashion News Live

(Photo credit: David Gabber / PR Photos)