Rutina Wesley Says that Tara Will Return in Season Four

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A Fresh Start

Rutina as Tara ThorntonIf you watched the last season of  True Blood, you may have noticed that Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) has been through a lot. Coming from a difficult upbringing, hard times are in no way foreign to Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) best friend. But season three proved to be a series of very nasty twists and turns for the character.

One of those twists came in the form of Franklin Mott (James Frain), who seemed like he would be a good match for Tara even if he was a vampire. Though James Frain’s portrayal of the character led to welcomed comic relief for the audiences of True Blood, we must be honest with ourselves. Tara was going through several kinds of hell while with Franklin. So it is no surprise then that Tara Mae Thornton got the heck out of Bon Temps with a brand new hairdo.

Will Tara Return?

Access Hollywood interviewed the Julliard School alum on Sunday, January 16th at the HBO Golden Globes Party where she confirmed that she will be returning for season 4. The actress has been mum on the subject before but now says that she will be back for season four—she just can’t say when or how! You can see for yourself what Rutina said in the video below:

It sounds like Tara’s return is going to be a good one! Tell us how you think Tara will return to Bon Temps in the comment section below!

Source: Access Hollywood– “Rutina Wesley On ‘True Blood’: ‘I’m Definitely Back’”

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Video Credit: Access Hollywood)

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