Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Role In The Season Finale

September 11, 2010 by  

Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Turmoil on True Blood:

Season 3 of True Blood has left Tara a tear soaked mess and with one episode left, how much more can she take? Recently on Good Day, Rutina Wesley talked about Tara’s journey and what the season finale has in store for her.

Between losing the love of her life and being kidnapped, what else can Tara go through? Fans are interested in seeing Tara develop emotionally and start making decisions as to how she’s going heal the damage that’s been done to her. Others want her to take revenge for Egg’s death. In the end, every fan wants to see Tara happy and sane…and not dead. She’s a character we’d like to keep.

Check out what Rutina thinks about Tara’s future in this video clip!

Source:–Actress Rutina Wesley