Rutina Wesley: Who is Tara’s Ideal Guy?

June 16, 2010 by  

People Magazine recently asked True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley, aka Tara Thornton, what viewers can expect from her character in Season 3.

Tara’s journey has not been an easy one. And so far, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Mismatched relationships, con artist healers, an alcoholic mother, befriending a nasty maenad

Then finally, she meets a nice guy who seems to like Tara for who she really is. Wasn’t he under the power of the aformentioned maenad? Sure… but he was still a decent guy… sort of…

Until he was gunned down by Tara‘s best friend’s brother in the middle of confessing committing murders…

“I think that she’s going to be struggling this season, grieving and trying to find her feet and her identity, and how she fits into this world,” Wesley says. “… There are going to be a lot of ups and downs for Tara this season.”

And the most pressing issue is how Tara will cope with the loss of Eggs.

“It was the love of her life… It was the rug that was pulled out beneath her, but she is a survivor, and you’re going to see her fight, but I think Tara is going to be in mourning – she has to be.”

There must be some hope for Tara this season. But finding a good guy, let alone a good human guy, in Bon Temps is no easy feat. But Rutina already has a type of man in mind for her character:

“Someone who is just alive and human… Oh, and he has to be smart!”

Here’s hoping for a change of luck in Tara‘s future.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)