Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Relationship with Franklin Mott

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From the first episode of Season 3Tara seems to have fallen into a dark hole of grief and rage after the death of her boyfriend, Eggs, but things will only get more intense when Franklin Mott comes into the picture. In an interview with Parlour Magazine, actress Rutina Wesley describes Tara’s journey this season.

She also talks about growing up in Las Vegas and loving to dance and travel. She attended school at Julliard, where she fell in love with actor Jacob Fishel:

“We thought, ‘if we could spend four years together at this crazy school, then we can make it the rest of our lives.’ He’s an amazing actor, cook and husband. I enjoy him immensely.”

Rutina also became close friends with her fellow True Blood castmember, Nelsan Ellis. She loves working with him and thinks they have great chemistry onscreen as cousins Tara and Lafayette because they know each other so well. She says he keeps her on her toes because he is always acting in the moment.

Rutina speaks of Tara’s need for love and validation, in spite of how tough she seems on the outside. Losing Eggs has made her self-destructive, which is perhaps why she finds herself drawn to a dangerous new vampire:

“The rug has been pulled from under Tara and she’s at such a vulnerable state that she’s like whatever. Then this Franklin Mott character comes, played by James Frain, and she follows him kind of by choice and kind of not. It’s very interesting because he’s tall, dark and handsome with an emphasis on the dark. Tara’s struggling with him, to get away from him and to survive. I love this season because you get to see the fight in her and I love working with James. We have a great dynamic, he’s a little on the psychotic side.”

In addition, Rutina tells fans to be on the lookout for some steamy scenes, of course, and even some stunt work on her part!


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