Video: Rutina Wesley of True Blood dishes on being 17

September 26, 2010 by  

Video:  Rutina Wesley on being 17 and her funkadelic prom!

Most people look back at their senior prom as one of the highlights of their highschool experience.  On MTV‘s show ’17 Again’ actress Rutina Wesley (Tara) of True Blood talks about her experience going to prom her junior year with her good friend Adam. They chose to go all out 70’s and  Ms. Wesley clearly lived up to their chosen theme of the night.

“I had these green tights with fuchsia platforms, and afro puffs with bobby pins with pearls on the end and a zig zag part I thought I was real cute!”

She did in fact look very retro.  Ms. Wesley goes on to recount how unique her look was even then and her friends acknowledge that in a sea of tuxedos and formal dresses Ms. Wesley and her date Adam stood out.  The blast from the past didn’t end there as she recounts that they danced on the strip to ‘Stayin’ Alive’.  Clearly Ms. Wesley’s flare for unique looks began early and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her fashion sense in Season 4 of True Blood.

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