Ryan Kwanten to Appear at 2010 IF Awards

October 26, 2010 by  

Presenting with Red Hill Director

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood, Jason StackhouseSet your calenders! Ryan Kwanten and ‘Red Hill‘ Director, Patrick Hughes will be presenting at the 2010 Inside Film (IF) Awards.

Held in Sydney, Australia on Sunday November 14th, the IF Awards honor and recognize Australian film, documentary, animation and music video. The award ceremony will be aired on Australia’s SBS network on November 24th and on Showtime at a later date.  The ceremony is open to the public, and for those 18 and over, click here to purchase tickets.

The thriller ‘Red Hill’, directed by Patrick Highes and starring Kwanten, is set to be released in the US on November 5th and in Australia on November 25th. Click Here for more information on ‘Red Hill’.

Source: HollywoodTreatment.net– Ryan Kwanten to Present @ 2010 IF Awards

(Photo Credit: RyanKwanten.com)