Ryan Kwanten: On Being American, a Vampire Virgin, and a Bowler

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Ryan is a Bowler?

Ryan Kwanten True Blood Jason Stackhouse

When fans of Ryan Kwanten, the sexy Aussie who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, think of him, bowling is probably not something that comes to mind, but maybe it should. Ryan tells EW that when he is shooting True Blood he enjoys being able to spend time with his bowling league:

“I was the worst bowler on my team, but our team was actually pretty good… They’d be happy that I said that we were pretty good. Our team name was… god, we had to change it, because the first one was a little too racy for the league. It was like Balls Deep or something. I think it’s The Untouchables or something now, something innocuous.”

Patriotic American vs Vampire Villain

It has been noted before that Jason Stackhouse, through all his thinkingly challenged moments, could be considered a patriotic American as evidenced in some of his scenes with Andy Bellefleur, but Ryan would really like to see him interact with season 3 baddie Russell Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare:

“I thought Jason and Russell would have been an interesting kind of predicament. Do you know what I mean? He just would have been scratching his head. “These humans…” Jason is probably the worst of what Russell thinks humans represent — no brains, all that kind of thing. Jason would have looked at him like, “You’re the king? You’re what everyone looks up to?”

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ryan, who has more than enough work these days to pay the bills, remembers when he came to L.A. After finishing filming he had enough money to last the day and was ready to head home when the executive producer of that film tried talking him into staying, telling him it would be in his best interest to do so. After spending time in his hotel room wondering if he would regret leaving, but knowing he was dead broke, he came up with the idea of asking the owner of the hotel if he would let him stay for 3 months, but not paying until that time was up. Fortunately for all of us, the owner of the Cadillac Hotel in Venice agreed.

Deed with the Undead

Although lots of people in Jason’s circle have indulged in sex with the various vamps of Bon Temps and its metro area, he has not and it remains to be seen whether his vampire virginity will stay in tact. He hasn’t seen any of the scripts for season four and admits that he tries to stay spoiler free, so much so that he never read past book 2 of the Sookie Stackhouse series because he believes not knowing anything until its time to film adds to the spontaneity of playing Jason’s character.

After reading the last two sections am I the only one who now has the image of an Eric/Talbot type scene with Jason and Russell? I think one thing Alan Ball has showed us in 3 seasons, is nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits!!

SOURCE: Popwatch Ryan Kwanten talks new movie ‘Red Hill,’ ‘True Blood,’ (and why he can’t talk ‘True Blood’)

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