Ryan Kwanten Discusses His Athletic Lifestyle

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Vampires are effortlessly good looking-perfect skin, immaculate hair, and as True Blood fans know only too well, chiseled bodies. For the non-vampire crowd, a healthy diet and exercise regimen is needed to achieve the same results. Ryan Kwanten, who plays one of our favorite non-vampires, Jason Stackhouse,  sat down with Get Active to discuss his athletic lifestyle.

Australian-born Ryan has always led an extremely active lifestyle, and was already a welterweight champion by the time he was a teenager. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, Ryan continued his athletic training and won the L.A. Biathlon in 2006 and 2007, qualifying him for the world championships in Sweden and Italy, which he missed due to his busy filming schedule.

With True Blood currently filming season 3 in Los Angeles, Ryan finds whatever time possible to squeeze in a workout.

“No matter the time, even if I have to wake up at four, I do whatever [exercise] I can. If I don’t then I’m not me.”

His workout regimen combines cardio, weightlifting, and Vinyasa yoga to keep his physical activity diverse. Ryan describes his interest in yoga as something that caught him by surprise after seeing the flexibility of other Vinyasa yoga students at his health club. Mastering Vinyasa yoga quickly became another goal in his highly ambitious lifestyle.

“I’m sort of naturally competitive, so once I sink my teeth into something I’m not going to let go.”

Although we might not see Ryan “sink his teeth” into anything (or anyone) in season 3, we can definitely expect to see Ryan’s character, Jason Stackhouse, make his body look just as effortless as any of our favorite True Blood vampires.

SOURCE: Get Active Winter 2009 Edition (Pages 40-41)

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)