Ryan Kwanten Describes Life and Work Since True Blood

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A complete departure from his character, the dim-witted Jason Stackhouse, Australian actor Ryan Kwanten is more of a thoughtful, reserved kind of guy. In an interview with the German website, myFanbase, he sheds some light on Jason’s journey, how he deals with fame, and what it’s like to work on True Blood.

Ryan finds it “electrifying” to play Jason, a guy who acts without thinking. The drastic change from lots of women and a V addiction in Season one to a church camp boy in Season two was quite jarring for Ryan. Once he saw how executive producer Alan Ball and the writers were taking him, he saw that it was the best progression for his character. He believes that Jason has grown up after the experiences he’s had in the past couple of seasons, but he may not necessarily become any wiser. At his core, he’s still Jason–he’ll do and say whatever he feels.

When the role calls for it, Ryan has no qualms about doing nude scenes. He notes that the Australian culture he grew up in was more open-minded than America, but he also appreciates that there was more to those scenes than the sex. It was about Jason looking for something:

“I think that’s the beauty of working for HBO and particularly with Alan Ball, the fact that it’s not just shock for shock value or gore or nudity for the sake of showing skin. It always has a certain subtext or a specific story point that they are going towards. I also think it shows Jason’s vulnerability even though he may be very comfortable with his body and with women and all that, it shows that he’s searching for a sense of belonging.”

When asked about the popularity of True Blood, Ryan talks about how those working on the show knew all along that it was something special, but it was nice when things took off. The number of fans and their passion for the series just kept growing, which is thrilling for him. As many of the actors have expressed, Ryan is surprised by the incredible diversity of their viewership, spanning demographics. It just goes to show that there are so many characters and stories to relate to, everyone can find something they love.

Ryan also offers a nice perspective on his career and where it has led him:

“I’d like to believe that every role sort of led me to where I am and made me a better actor and a better person…Alan said in an interview that he saw the family movie Flicka and thought, ‘Oh, this is sort of like a G-rated Jason!’ So you never know what life is going to hand you and it’s proof that you have to make the best of every opportunity.”

Since True Blood, he says that doors are opening for him more easily, which is nice after years of working so hard to get roles. Part of being an actor is the public recognition, and Ryan, reserved as he is, insists that he doesn’t mind. He takes pride in his work and says he loves the journey of acting, with everything that it includes. These days, he gets lots of attention for True Blood, and people seem shocked to find a very different person than Jason Stackhouse:

“If they don’t know a lot about me, they’re quite surprised that I’m not from Louisiana. I’ve had a couple people insist that I was putting on this accent for another rolled. I said, ‘No, I hate to disappoint you but I’m Australian!’ “

He took the break in filming before Season three to return to his beloved homeland to shoot a couple of movies like Griff the Invisible and Red Hill. Now he’s back in L.A. and developing the character of Jason in what will surely be surprising and fascinating ways!

SOURCE: myfanbase.de

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