Ryan Kwanten Dishes on Season 3 of True Blood

June 10, 2010 by  

With the True Blood season premiere just days away, Ryan Kwanten took some time out his is crazy schedule to talk to AccessHollywood about what viewers can expect this summer from the crew in Bon Temps.

Via a phone interview, Ryan explained he literally just picked up his parents at the airport and they were struggling to hold a surf board atop their car. But despite his current situation, he chatted away about Jason‘s upcoming storylines.

We all remember where we left Jason: Defeating manaed Maryann and killing poor Eggs. Well good ole’ Andy Bellefleur is ready to stand in Jason‘s spotlight.

“Yeah, he’s not too happy that Andy is taking the glory for shooting Eggs and while he’s getting the glory, I’m trying to deal with the fact that I’ve killed a man.”

And considering all that Jason’s been through, it isn’t a surprise that he’s got a career change in mind.

Jason is sort of trying to wing his way into the cop force, so that’s sort of a tease for the new season.”

Speaking of teases, a recent minisode had Jason in the woods. And he wasn’t alone. But don’t go making assumptions about those glowing yellow eyes.

“It’s actually not a werewolf. It’s something else.”

And while Ryan won’t divulge everything in this interview, he admits he loves to share stories with his family. Lucky them.

But it’s not all True Blood in Ryan‘s life right now. He’s got two other projects lined up. One is a film titled “Knights of Badassdom” which will also star Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage.

“It’s sort of a comedy… like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ meets ‘Role Models’… It’s that real black comedy that I really love.”

And finally, he’ll be working on a darker film called “Truck Stop,” where Ryan will play a pimp with a dark side.

Season 3 of True Blood premieres on HBO on June 13th.

Source: AccessHollywood.com

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)