Ryan Kwanten Donates his Time to Charity

July 5, 2010 by  

As we reported Ryan Kwanten has wrapped filming season 3 of True Blood and is currently in Sydney, Australia to help launch of the Telstra T-Box, a new T-box home entertainment system.

In between doing the launch and conducting interviews with the local media Ryan donated his time to charity by stopping by the Ronald McDonald House in Randwick where he donated a set-top box to the families of seriously ill children living at the centre.

Telstra will be donating one T-Box to every Ronald McDonald House in the country over the coming month.

T-box allows viewers to watch BigPond TV, HD free-to-air TV, and YouTube videos from the one set-top box, while also working as a personal video recorder.

SOURCE: skynews.com.au

(Photo credits:  HBO Inc. and contactanycelebrity.com)

  • katey

    You are the best thing (other than Kristen) from TB. Class, looks, and here you are, doing really great things for others. Way to go on not being a public jerk and doing the right thing. You could get away with just making a video asking for money but nope, you go in person and give your time. I wish you all the best.