Ryan Kwanten Enjoys Being One of True Blood’s Humans

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Ryan Kwanten on Red Hill and True Blood

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In a recent interview with Jethro Nededog from Zap2it, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, talks about his new movie Red Hill and the upcoming 4th season of True Blood.

Red Hill is due to be released November 5th only in New York and Los Angeles, but if you are like me, you are hoping for a wider release sooner rather than later so we can watch him play big city cop turned small town cop chasing big time escaped serial killer.

Ryan explained that this was the first time in 8 years he has been back home to film anything, and that he actually had difficulty acting in his native accent:

“First time I’d used my own voice actually. As silly as this sounds, my Australian friends would kill me, I’m so used to putting on the American accent when I hear the word action, this one was sort of retraining myself to go back to this voice, so it was interesting”

On Being a Human in True Blood

Ryan says its nice that the rambunctious Jason found love, the one quality that was missing from his life, with Crystal Norris. He appreciates how passionate Jason is and how he wears his heart on his sleeve:

“Honestly what I do really love about playing about him, is that as crazy as he may seem he is still one of the few humans in the show. He is sort of very much our view into that world, and without him, you just sort of have the vampire storyline, the wolves and whatnot, but it’s nice to be able to cut back to a sense of reality”.

He is looking forward to finding out just how Jason is supposed to take care of the town of Hot Shot and where his relationship with Crystal is going to go:

“He’s also having to take care of a whole village of people and he’s probably the last person on Earth who should be.”

You can hear more of what Ryan had to say by checking out the video below.

SOURCE: Zap2It.com — True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on ‘Red Hill’ and Jason taking charge in Season 4

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