Ryan Kwanten Featured in Celebrity Portrait Book

November 6, 2009 by  

untitledRyan Kwanten who plays the sexy Jason Stackhouse on True Blood will be featured along with 100 other celebrities, in the new book, “About Face”. This is a limited edition (1500 copies) book of portraits done by top celebrity photographer, John Russo. The book is scheduled to be released February 2010 by Pixie Press Worldwide. The book consists of 160 pages of black and white photos shot with Type 55 polaroid film. Jordana Woodland Goguen who is the publisher with Pixie Press Worldwide said she was immediately intrigued when she found out Russo was shooting the portraits. “When Russo showed us the first prints, we were struck by their bold simplistic beauty and our About Face collaboration began,” explained Goguen. The mission for Russo was to capture and record the raw beauty, intrigue, and power of the male face. Type 55 film is now extinct, but it will live on through the beautiful images in Russo’s book.

SOURCE:  Yahoo Finance

Photo Credits:  John Russo