Ryan Kwanten Covers Men’s Health UK

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True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse is featured in December 2010 Men’s Health UK:

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood's Jason Stackhouse, on the 12.10 cover of Men's Health UK

The always drool-worthy Ryan Kwanten has hit both the cover and scored an article in the current issue of Men’s Health UK. Despite his laid-back persona as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, the actor himself sounds pretty serious about his gorgeous bod and how he uses it.

The magazine describes him as ‘a world class triathlete, a former boxer, and a pretty mean scrabble player.’

In the issue, Kwanten talks about growing up as a hyper-competitive guy who found it difficult to settle for anything less than perfection–second place wouldn’t cut it.

“I was a terrible loser, growing up. I took it far too seriously. There were waterworks if I lost. I would go home and break it down in angry detail: How did I lose? What could I do next time?”

Kwanten also admits to being a fitness junkie:

“There’s a certain addiction to sweat, for sure. I’m not the same person without it. If I don’t get my hour of exercise in everyday then I’m not the person I want to be.”

There’s more to Kwanten’s life than staying super-fit and sexy, however. He has this to say about his non-Hollywood friends:

“The majority of my friends now are outside my business and have next to no idea what I do all day. My life is rich for having friends who bring something else to the table.”

Ryan definitely is someone who fans can look up to as a role model when it comes to health!

Source: Men’s Health UK — In The Blood

(Photo: Men’s Health UK)