Ryan Kwanten Interviewed about Jason in Season 3

May 15, 2010 by  

After winning a much deserved Breakthrough Award for his portrayal of Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, Ryan Kwanten discussed what’s in store for his lovable but dumb character this year.

In this video interview, you can see how humble Ryan is about this honor bestowed on him by the Australians in Film society. He acknowledges that his performance is only enabled by Alan Ball and the amazing group of writers they have working on the show.

When asked how he plays his character with such conviction even when his actions or dialogue can be ridiculous, Ryan offered his perspective:

“There’s a certain naivete I can hide behind because Jason is so…sort of innocent.”

He praises actress Lindsay Pulsipher, who has taken on the role of Jason’s new love interest for Season 3, Crystal Norris:

“She plays a redneck, but she’s actually an intelligent young lady. It’s nice that she adds that weight to her character that could be a caricature.”

Ryan says that aside from the table reads and the scenes he films, he won’t see the final product of Season 3 episodes until everyone else does (Sunday nights on HBO at 9/8c starting 4 weeks from tomorrow!!!!). He made no judgment in comparing it to the previous two seasons, only commenting that it was “different.”

We’re all excited to see just how different it is, and what Ryan will be doing next as Jason!

SOURCE: about.com

(Photo credit: Daniel Boud / Time Out Sydney)