Ryan Kwanten’s Jason is Still Growing on Australians

August 20, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten, True Blood, Jason StackhouseIn Australia, Season 3 of True Blood started airing on August 19th on Showtime. Jive TV interviewed Ryan Kwanten while he visited his home country recently.

Eight years ago, Ryan played a major role in the Australian TV show called Home and Away. It evidently was very popular and Aussies still know him as Vinnie Patterson, despite the popularity of True Blood.

“There are still the diehard Home and Away fans; there was a lady the other day when we were giving out T-box’s at the Ronald McDonald children’s hospital in Randwick, an older Scottish lady, who just went ballistic. She started calling me Vince. I haven’t been called Vince in years.”

Ryan said he’s proud to have been in that show. And he recognizes some similarities between that character and his current character, Jason Stackhouse.

“I guess in their sort of extroverted nature for sure. I think Vinnie had slightly more ambition and more of an ability to work things to his advantage. I think he was much more of a thinker whereas Jason’s just ah…not.”

Australians are in for a wild ride with True Blood’s Season 3; blood, gore, fighting and biting and the introduction of other supernatural beings. And although Jason has to deal with some heavy duty psychological issues, Ryan says his character will continue to develop so he can leave the past behind.

Happy viewing to our friends down under.

SOURCE: jivetv.com.au — Interviewed: True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten
(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)