Ryan Kwanten On Jason Stackhouse and Dating

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ryan-kwanten-physics-true-blood-01During the hiatus from True Blood, Ryan Kwanten has been filming the movie Red Hill and spending time with family. Soon he will be back in L.A. to begin work on Season three of True Blood. In the meantime, though, he helped promote the show’s first season as it airs on Channel 4 in the UK by doing an interview with OK! Magazine.

When Ryan has to get naked for one of his sex scenes as the womanizing Jason, his first concern is making the actress feel comfortable:

“I’ve always been comfortable with my body and I think Australians have a fairly liberal and open-minded point of view when it comes to sex and nudity. More often than not, the girl is going to be far more nervous than me, so I’ll approach the girls beforehand and say: ‘Any questions, qualms, concerns that you have, just come to me.’ The more comfortable they are, the more comfortable I am and the scene will work better.”

As for what he thinks about the vampire obsession, Ryan offers an insightful reflection:

“Albert Einstein said the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, and for many people vampires represent the absolute epitome of mystery. They have these other worldly qualities like a sixth sense–and they’re apparently fantastic in bed, they have years and years of experience.”

Clearly, the thoughtful and down-to-earth Ryan is drastically different from the character he portrays, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t found qualities in Jason that he can use in his own life:

“I tend to be far too cerebral and totally over-analyze things. But he is the polar opposite in that there’s no will power of thought, he jumps off the cliff without thinking, he dives into any situation with no recourse whatsoever. So I’ve learnt to loosen up my mentality and go with the flow a little bit.”

Still, Ryan admits to being a quiet, observant person as opposed to a highly extroverted actor. He prefers interacting with others one-on-one, but says that he’s “pretty terrible when it comes to women.” He’s not really dating at this point in his life:

“That concept has always eluded me, that whole dating thing. What I’m amazed at more than anything is marriage, the lack of thought that goes into marriage. Maybe it’s just like going to buy a sandwich: ‘How about we just get married?’ And then the next week they break up, like it was nothing.”

That’s an interesting comparison to make… Perhaps one day the woman will come along who changes his mind. For now, though, Ryan appears to be wholly invested in acting, saying that work is his number one priority. He never intended to move to Los Angeles, but now that’s where he belongs:

“The passion for the business and the craft is cemented in my veins.”

This is evident to us True Blood fans who have seen how talented Ryan is an actor! He manages to play a frequently dumb character like Jason and make him endearing to us. I am looking forward to seeing more of Ryan, in future projects and on True Blood!

SOURCE: ok.co.uk

(Photo credit: Cory Sorensen / Muscle & Body)