Ryan Kwanten is “Man We Love” in Cosmopolitan UK

October 14, 2009 by  

Ryan KwantenRyan Kwanten is definitely drool-worthy as Jason Stackhouse in Alan Ball‘s True Blood vampire drama series. Now that Season 1 of True Blood is airing in Britain, in which almost every part of Ryan‘s physique is on display, Cosmopolitan UK has a major crush on the HBO star and features him as this month’s “Man We Love.”

But there’s more to love than just his toned and tanned amazing abs. In an interview with Cosmo UK, Ryan said that looks aren’t everything to him.  He loves smart women, stating:

I like the saying, ‘Beauty to no complexion is confined, is of all colours and by none defined,’ meaning what one person finds beautiful, someone else might not.

That’s why I have a problem with being called a sex symbol – it’s such an unquantifiable factor. I’ve always found Jennifer Connelly appealing, both as a woman and actress. She’s got a degree too, so she’s a smart woman.

Ryan also says that passion is essential for a relationship to work. (No worries, Ryan. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to have any trouble finding passion in your love life.)

And if all of that information isn’t enough to make you swoon, Cosmo UK has a gallery of ridiculously delicious photos of Ryan that will leave you crushing on him too. (SIGH!)

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan UK and Celebrity News Now

(Photo credit: JustJared)