UPDATED: Ryan Kwanten Man of the Year

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Australian GQ Chose Well for 2010

Ryan Kwanten, best known to us for being the devastatingly sexy Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, has been honored this year by GQ Australia as being the Man of the Year!

As we well know, Ryan has been very busy this year with more than just True Blood. He was in three movies that were released this year: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’HooleGriff the Invisible, and Red Hill. However, Ryan’s not stopping there! He’s also working on his book, The G-Strategy.

In the interview Ryan did with GQ, he talked about his childhood in Sydney, his opinion on sleep, and how he got into Hollywood. Ryan also says that he’s still excited about working in Hollywood.

“Every time I drive down Santa Monica Boulevard, every time I see the Hollywood sign, I’ve been here eight years now and I still have that twinkle.”

UPDATE: Ryan has responded to the honor of being GQ’s Man of the Year on his personal blog, in a post called ‘Humility.’ In the post, Ryan says that he thought that GQ had made a mistake when he was announced. He flew into Sydney for the ceremony, where he found himself surrounded by some of Australia’s most important people at the Sydney Opera House. Ryan gave his acceptance speech in front of them, and he’s also posted it on the blog. To read it, click here.

Congratulations again Ryan!

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