Ryan Kwanten’s New Movie “Griff the Invisible”

September 27, 2009 by  

Ryan KwantenTHR.com and Everyday Pictures just released news that True Blood’s, Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) will be featured in a new film directed by first-time Austrailian director, Leon Ford, entitled “Griff the Invisible”. Kwanten co-stars with Maeve Dermody in this romantic comedy about two people who need to save each other from their own eccentricities, while also trying to save the planet. The film is being produced by Nicole O’Donohue of Green Park Pictures, Jan Chapman and Scott Meek. Production of “Griff” gets started next month in Sydney, Austrailia. Below you can find a synopsis of the movie which was released by Everyday Pictures on their website.

“Griff is a simple man, in a simple job, living a simple life. Or so it seems….What his co-workers don’t know is that Griff is not who he seems to be. At the end of each day,when everyone else goes home, Griff disappears into a starkly different world. A world where nothing is safe, where the person next to you could be your mortal enemy. Griff is a secret agent and part-time super hero. At least that’s what he thinks he is. A lone-wolf with a job to do, on the fringes of society, fighting for freedom and justice. Melody is a loner too. Working in a dead-end job, still living at home, with embarrassing parents who spend most of their time inviting inappropriate men for family dinners. She wants to escape the sleepy suburbs where she spent her youth. She wants out. Through a mixture of design and fate, Griff and Melody meet, and their worlds change colour. Griff has spent his life being ridiculed and ostracized. Now he has a playmate. Melody has yearned for a more exciting life, and now, with Griff, has permission to play. Griff the Invisible is a thrilling love story that doesn’t fir the mould, about two people who don’t fit in. Set in a world half real and half imagined, it’s a story about being yourself, when everything around you demands conformity. About finding happiness and finding the person who will let you be who you want to be.”

SOURCE:  THR.com and Everyday Pictures

Photo credit:  Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos via exposay.com)

  • antonio

    This sounds Neat! Ryan Kwanten as a “super-hero” Now That makes sense! He certainly has the charisma, and the build for it! I Don’t know WHY HE Wasn’t chosen to be in the fantastic 4!
    The movies were OK But it might have been fun to see him in the role that Chris Evans played. I think that HE would have made a Totally Cool Spiderman!! I’m sure that He will be good in this new film. I hope that it may be available to see here Stateside!
    I Don’t understand WHY american movie producers would Not want him for their “hero” flix!! Tobey Mcguire Sucks! Maybe You people ought to Consider RK! Ryan is hysterical in his portrayal of bonehead,redneck Jason Stackhouse!