Ryan Kwanten Not Worried About Other Vampire Stories

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jason-stackhouse-ryan-kwanten-season-21Everywhere you look these days there is something on about vampires. Twilight’s sequel, the film Priest began filming last month, and the CW premiered The Vampire Diaries last week. Is there reason to believe that the genre might have a backlash or become over saturated? Not according to Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood. Ryan was recently in Chicago and made an appearance at the Enclave  and on Friday hosted, alongside True Blood co-star Nelsan Ellis,  the “Dusk Until Dawn” fashion show for of clothing boutique Akira’s.  Ryan took time out to speak with .

“Personally, I don’t [worry], purely due to the creative forces that are behind our show,” said Ryan. “We knew we were part of something special before the fans did,” He added. “But to hear the fans and critics speak out and watch the show in ways we couldn’t imagine, even an optimist couldn’t have predicted it.”

The season finale has aired and will returned for a third season in June. True Blood has been pulling in HBO’s best numbers since The Sopranos. On the August 23rd show alone, there was an impressive 5.3 million viewers.

What makes the show so popular? The creativity they are allowed to do on a cable channel. If True Blood was aired on a network television channel, Kwanten says the show would be 25 minutes long, due to the nudity, violence, and sex. He said True Blood can push topics in a way that network TV can’t. In the first two seasons we have seen racism, homophobia, drug addiction, and orgies.

Is Ryan Kwanten a fan of the vampire genre?

“I’m into a good story,” He says. “But I’m not answering your question.”

Aw, come on Ryan we’d love to know. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he began dating a vampire in a future season?

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  • Hario

    Ryan is amazing he used to be in home and away. he’s very hot and brings quite a few laughs to an otherwise very intense show which is a good thing, he’s one of my faves just because he is hot a bit of an airhead but rly funny too. true blood is also the best vampire thing to have come out in recent years imo, the ultimate in vampire stories maybe even better than interview with the vampire.

  • Alex

    Hey Ryan is nominated for a Spike Scream Award!!!! Vote here! http://www.spike.com/event/scream2009/page/vote/category/33657

  • antonio

    Worried about other vampire stuff? Why should he be??! His show True Blood kicks ass!! His character,Jason Stackhouse kicks ass! As with Twilight,many of the fans already know what’s going to happen(particularly if they have read all the books) they have only to wait for it to be fleshed out on screen.
    With TB,there are books but AB also is taking the show in new directions.He is able to tackle tough social issues,which the show does very well. Jason Stackhouse is troubled and emotionally disturbed He is clueless and a wiseguy bad-ass but hes tryin to find out who he is and what he really wants.
    In some ways he may be more scarred than Sookie about the loss of their gran,parents and friends. Jason is cool although sometimes an airhead I’m happy for Ryan and the others! Much continued succcess guys!!!