Ryan Kwanten Plays a Superhero in Griff the Invisible

January 22, 2010 by  

While America has become very familiar with superhero movies in the past 10 years, such genre stories are not often made in Australia. As a result, the upcoming film Griff the Invisible, starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten was something of a risk for writer and director Luke Ford.

It seems that Australians find high concept fantasy and science fiction set in their own country to be ridiculous and totally unbelievable. Ford says that the script was written in 2005 and pitched to hundreds of production companies.

By casting Ryan, whose profile is on the rise thanks to the worldwide success of True Blood, the film could become automatically appealing to sic-fi/fantasy fans.

According to Ford, Griff the Invisible blends action, comic book stylization and drama:

“It’s a heartfelt action superhero romance about a young man who works in an office by day. He’s shy and almost sociophobic, but by night he’s a superhero who protects his neighborhood from the bad guys. He meets Melody, the first person who actually sees the world in the same curious and imaginative way.”

Ryan was very persistent about getting a role in the film. There was a lot of buzz around it, so he sent in many audition tapes until he was cast. He says that the fight sequences were choreographed like “dance routines.” They used practical effects instead of a green screen wherever possible to make it look real — and because of their low-budget.

Ryan spent a lot of time working with Ford to develop his character. It may be a superhero movie, but they still took it seriously and tried to tell a meaningful story.

Griff the Invisible will be released in late 2010.

SOURCE: encoremagazine.com.au

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