Ryan Kwanten Prides Himself on His Half-Sentences

July 3, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten is nothing like his character on True Blood, Jason Stackhouse. After all, Jason‘s known to True Blood fans as not being of the highest intelligence, while Ryan is incredibly smart and works hard to create the Jason we see onscreen.

In fact, Ryan talked to People.com about being Jason while at the grand opening of Katsuya L.A. Live Restaurant. (He was there to support the After-School All Stars program.) Ryan said of Jason:

“I pride myself on my half-sentences, that’s how I get by. It’s always, dot-dot-dot after everything that I say, it just makes things easier. I’ve always loved the notion that stupidity won’t kill you, it will just make you sweat. So, I think that Jason lives in this perpetual state of sweating.”

However, Ryan also commented on a couple of other things. When it comes to who his portrayal of Jason is based on, Ryan is saying nothing except that he thinks everyone knows a person who shows a facet or two of Jason‘s personality.

Ryan also doesn’t expect Jason to be turned into a vampire anytime soon. Jason loves his human life so much that there’s nothing to be gained by the character if he were turned.

SOURCE: People.com

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)