Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill Gets High Praise at The Berlin Film Festival

February 16, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten‘s new movie, Red Hill, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival to rave reviews. The first of the reviews was incredibly short, but positive:

RED HILL is a good, tense contemporary Western. Traditional in tone – a satisfying, stylish thriller.

After seeing Red Hill, a writer for the Boston Herald caught up with Ryan Kwanten and interviewed him about Red Hill (which is described as a mix of “monster movie and revenge drama,” as well as being very violent) and True Blood. Ryan only had praise for his True Blood family, as they accommodated his schedule to allow him to make the low-budget movie, which was shot in only four weeks. For Red Hill, Ryan had to dye his hair black and start shooting the day he arrived on the set of Red Hill.

In the movie, Ryan‘s character is a lawman who searching for a prison escapee who wants revenge on the gang that got him behind bars. Apparently, there is also a subplot about the panthers that live up in hills surrounding the town of Red Hill, and they cause a bit of carnage as well.

Either way, the movie is described as having two sets of monsters: those with two legs and those with four.

For all you Ryan lovers and horror fans out there, the early reviews make Red Hill sound like an absolutely thrilling ride.




(Photo Credit: IMDb.com)