Ryan Kwanten Shares Some Fun With Jimmy Kimmel

September 12, 2009 by  

ryan kwanten This week Ryan Kwanten made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While on the show Jimmy learned quite a few things about our sweet, southern, Jason Stackhouse! Ryan explained to Jimmy how he got into acting quite accidentally when he was 15 years old. Ryan’s brother, Mitchell, was the one that was actually into dancing and acting and Ryan was more of an athletic boy. At one of Mitchell’s auditions, Ryan was waiting in swimming attire and a casting agent happened to see him and grabbed him up – who wouldn’t, right – and because of that we now get to enjoy Ryan every Sunday night on True Blood.

Later in the interview Jimmy discussed with Ryan how throughout the first season of True Blood he was seen naked more than clothed. Jimmy did the math for us and figured it to be a total of 250 times we have seen Ryan naked on the show. Ryan talked about how he has gotten used to wearing a modesty sock on the show and then pulled a signed one out of his jacket and presented it to Jimmy. The sock was signed “Ryan Kwanten was here 2009″.


Jimmy graciously accepted his gift and went on to say that Australians must like to have fun more than anyone else in the world. This got Ryan talking about his love of pranks! Jimmy brought up one so-called “war” Ryan is involved in with a camera man, Simon, on True Blood. Ryan described how he laced Simon’s water bottle with hot green chilies and Simon would continue trying to get water to cool his mouth off and would then in turn continue to taste the hot chilies. Ryan, you are such a naughty boy! Simon did get some revenge by filling Ryan’s car up with foam peanuts. Ryan admits that he is still trying to get them all out of his car to this day. Who knew our Jason Stackhouse was such a prankster!! Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday to see Ryan on the season 2 finale of True Blood!!


SOURCE:  Seacoast Online

Photo Credit: HBO Inc. and Seacoast Online)