Ryan Kwanten Supports the Australian Film Industry

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The 2011 Australian Film Festival:

Ryan Kwanten's Griff the Invisible posterRyan Kwanten, otherwise known as Sookie‘s brother Jason on HBO‘s True Blood, will be on the big screen in his homeland.  The 2011 Australian Film Festival, held in Sydney, will be screening his latest movie, Griff the Invisible, on March 8th.  In Griff, Kwanten plays a shy office worker by day, who turns into a superhero at night.  He also falls for a lovely girl (Maeve Dermody), with whom he happens to have a lot in common.  The film is slated to hit Australian theaters March 11th.

Another familiar face, Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), will have her film The Wedding Party screened.

Australian actors for Australian films isn’t a novel idea, but it’s an important one.  The festival’s director, Barry Watterson, echoes this sentiment:

“Our only worry really is that the Australian audience for Australian films doesn’t seem to be growing as much as we’d like. We’re not making enough of our Australian filmmakers.  Having Lucas and Kwanten appear is part of the solution and I’m really happy that they’ve been able to bring them back and do that work. Eric Bana comes back and does things, Hugh Jackman does it, Nicole Kidman does it.  The fact that they are still making films here is sensational. I would like not to see the day when we just become jobbers for bigger American films.”

Some info on the two-year-old festival and its mission:

The Australian Film Festival screens films where the major creative talent is Australian, and is open to any medium, from feature and short film, to online content, television and whatever can be classified as ‘film’. But that’s only part of what we do. The purpose of the festival is not simply the screening of Australian film. We’re also focused on the long term development of Australian film content in a rapidly changing global environment and the building of audiences for Australian film. And of course, we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

It’s wonderful to see that Hollywood hasn’t changed Kwanten for the worse.  Just like his True Blood counterpart, he’s a sweetheart, and we can’t wait to see him in Griff the Invisible this year!  Can you?

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