Ryan Kwanten Talks to Australia’s Hamish and Andy

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Ryan Kwanten on Hamish and Andy Show

Chatting With Radio Favorites About Red Hill, Fitness and True Blood

Ryan Kwanten on Hamish and Andy ShowRecently, while True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten was in Australia to promote his new movie, Red Hill, he managed to catch up with  presenters, Hamish & Andy. While the duo are famous in their home country, Americans may have only heard of them through their TV series; American Caravan of Courage and for the fact that one of them is dating Australian supermodel, Megan Gale.

Hamish & Andy were straight into the hard questions, asking Ryan how hard is it to maintain the southern american accent? Ryan confirmed that while it was great to be using his own Aussie accent for his new movie, he was still inclined to automatically shift into the southern accent, once he heard the word “Action,’ on set. Especially since it has been eight years since he last worked in Australia, for his ongoing role as Vinnie on the hit TV soapie, Home and Away.

When questioned about the nudity, Ryan says he didn’t spend as much time in the nude last season as he did during the first season of the HBO hit.  He was asked if you become desensitized to the nudity and Ryan jokes:

For a short while there I was living vicariously through Jason

Red Hill

Hamish & Andy moved on to question Ryan Kwanten about his new movie, Red Hill which is set in a remote outback town. He says that the small town was quick to accept him. Quite often, while he was shooting his scenes, if the camera had panned over slightly, it would have shown many of the locals standing around watching. They were also willing to offer beer or advice to the cast after each scene was shot.

Hamish then went on to ask Kwanten about his fitness regimen. Ryan confirmed that it takes one hour a day for at least two months to achieve a body like Jason Stackhouse’s.

They finished up the interview by asking Ryan to perform a ‘Kwanten Leap.’ This turned out to involve Ryan leaping off a couch, all in the name of scientific humor. 

Ryan Kwanten on Hamish and Andy Show

Ryan Kwanten on Hamish and Andy Show

Looks like they all had a lot of fun!  Click below to listen to the interview. here  

Source: Hamish & Andy Podcast – The Best of Thursday 11th November

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