Ryan Kwanten Talks True Blood and Much More

July 12, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten was recently in Australia to visit, and while he was there, he took the time to sit down with local radio station NovaFM to talk about Jason Stackhouse, music, and what the real Ryan Kwanten likes.

Ryan mentioned several bands that he likes, including Kings of Leon, The Temper Trap, Ryan Adams, and Empire of the Sun. He also talked about how he keeps in shape so that we see Jason Stackhouse in his gorgeous natural physique for those sex scenes he often has to perform in.

The secret to Ryan‘s beautiful body? He avoids carbohydrates and snacks on vegetables and proteins. He also works out a lot. (Thank you, Ryan, for being honest about how you keep in shape!)

Ryan talked even more about what kind of music he likes in a video that can be found here.

In an audio interview, Ryan talked more about his family and his home. While in Australia, he stayed with family for a night and slept in his old room, which still has his leopard-print sheets on it! (Ryan thought they were really cool when he was younger because he was into an “African vibe” style.)

Ryan also claimed that he loves his job, but once he’s off set, he’s very boring. However, he does admit that he can cook! Ryan calls himself a “self-proclaimed snag” (and I’m sure many True Blood fans would agree with that assessment). Ryan did have more to say than that, so to hear the rest, click here and enjoy.

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SOURCE: Nova.com.au

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)