Ryan Kwanten Talks True Blood Season 3 and More

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Unless you are extremely strong-willed or just totally oblivious, you’ve probably seen most of the spoilers given away here, but just in case be warned spoilers ahead.

All us Truebies love Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s dim-witted, stud-muffin brother played to perfection (in more ways than one) by Australia’s Ryan Kwanten.

Ryan was recently interviewed by Kyle Buchanan of Movieline and spoke about True Blood Season 3 and his other recent and upcoming projects.

Looking back at the last season Ryan describes how gratifying it felt that the record ratings for HBO’s True Blood demonstrated that audiences really embraced the show. This was particularly satisfying because unlike other network shows, which shoot while episodes are still airing, most of True Blood is filmed before the scheduled air dates. This means, Ryan explains, that the actors are in a bit of a bubble with regard to the audience’s reaction. The only feedback they get during filming are the notes from HBO execs, but happily those have become few and far between, meaning HBO is as happy as the fans about the progress of the show.

So does Alan Ball give Ryan any clues as to what’s in store for Jason in the new season? Apparently not. Ryan explains it’s just a script to script deal and that, apart from seeing Alan when he’s on set for his two episodes, Alan is usually in the writers’ room “breaking stories and editing current ones.”

But that doesn’t faze Ryan in the least, because not knowing what the hell is going on really suits Jason’s character as he’s not much into thinking too far into the future. And, in any case, the surprises are kind of cool:

“There’s at least one scene or moment in every script — it doesn’t even have to be for my character — where it blows my mind. It’s one thing to read it, but then to actually go and film it is crazy! The amount of “firsts” that the show has undertaken…this season, there’s a whole host of them.”

Ryan told Movieline a bit about what is in store for his alter-ego.

At the end of Season 2 we left Jason having just killed Eggs (Tara’s true love), thinking he was saving Andy Bellefleur’s life. So, as Ryan explains, Jason is dealing with the conflicting emotions of the guilt of killing a man, which is “no small act”, and envy over the fact that Andy is stealing the glory for bringing down a dangerous murderer. So Jason is dealing with all that and getting swept off his feet by a mysterious woman.

It doesn’t appear that Jason will be interacting with this season’s Big Bads, but will be getting into trouble all on his own. This means that Ryan doesn’t get to mix with other cast members that much, in fact, only seeing them to catch up with the gossip and set “antics” at the fortnightly table reads.

The intersecting, multiple story lines in the show, in Ryan’s opinion, is what distinguishes True Blood from its competitors:

“It’s very filmic to have so many storylines going on and then bring them together at the end … The audience really gets to invest in the characters because it’s not as though you only have an arc over the course of one episode. It can be an entire season, or sometimes, two or three seasons.”

Ryan also spoke of his other recent projects and what work is in the offing for him.

He has voiced a character in the upcoming animated feature Legend of the Guardians by Zack Snyder (Watchmen) and tells of how much he enjoyed working with the talented, young filmmaker. He also discusses his work on the Australian movie Griff the Invisible in which he plays a man who might be a superhero or might just a madman, as well as the thriller, Red Hill in which he plays policeman.

Despite the run of Aussie films, Ryan says that working in Australia is not a particular priority for him, he was just very fortunate to be offered two projects filming in Australia and it was the first time in eight years he had had that much work back home.

And what’s next?

“The first project I have is called Knights of Badassdom, and that’s with Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage. It’s like Shawn of the Dead meets Role Models, a real black comedy. The other one is called Truck Stop, and it’s far darker and a more dramatic piece, where I play, like, a pimp. Well, not like a pimp…I am a pimp!”

Source: You can read the entire interview at Movie|Line

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