Ryan Kwanten is Territorial About Bon Temps

May 28, 2010 by  

At the Los Angeles launch of video game Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Ryan Kwanten, as True Blood‘s Jason Stackhouse, joked about vampires and his fictitious Louisiana town, Bon Temps.

Rumor has it that the last two episodes of the Twilight series will be filmed in New Orleans.  Now this is True Blood territory and latimes.com reported Ryan‘s take on this infringement.  Evidently he has no problem with additional vampires moving into the neighborhood.  However, “Jason” did warn, “We fight dirty down in Bon Temps.  You’re dealing with Southern vampires, and we’re real dirty.”

When not talking about or fighting vampires, Ryan said he enjoys video games.  But we’ll see him back in Bon Temps when Season 3 airs on June 13th.

Source: latimes.com

(Photo credit – latimes.com)

  • Antonio

    Breaking Dawn filmed in LA? Thats Ridiculous! The deep south looks nothing like the pacific northwest which i am given to understand is the primary region of the books! The Louisiana bayou and surrounding areas have their Own mystique a charm all their own. Oddly enough,Jasper Was supposedly a soldier in either the civil war or the great war 1914-1918..So maybe His story would be told in the south. Are ANY of the Twilight vampires a match for Bill Or Eric or Even Sam?? HECK NO!!

  • lizzie

    Agreed, Jaxx! I love Jason!Ryan plays him so well!

  • jaxx

    Cute. Can’t wait for more Jasonisms.