Ryan Kwanten’s Tips on Grooming and Style

August 11, 2010 by  

While True Blood star Ryan Kwanten was back home in Australia recently, he caught up with the team from the online magazine 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty who asked him for his tips on looking good and staying in shape.

Ryan describes his personal style, when out of the public eye, as relaxed and laidback. Being an actor his looks are an important asset and so good skincare is vital, Ryan explains.

The way I look at it is that in the business I’m in, the only things I’m in control of are my voice and the way I look. So with that in mind I’m all for looking after myself which includes looking after my skin. Thankfully working on a regular TV series means most of the hard work is done for me. And growing up in Australia means I’m very aware of how important sun screen is.

As for his hair, he agrees with his alter-ego, Jason Stackhouse, that getting his hair looking smokin’ hot tousled usually takes a lot more work than you’d think.

Not only does Ryan pay attention to his skin and hair, as we all know, he looks after his body as well. Exercise is his favorite way to wind down, but it also helps to prepare for big events like red carpet appearances. His fitness regime is varied:

I like to mix it up. I’m a bit of a masochist which I think helps when it comes to exercise. I do a lot of yoga, running and swimming. And I live on the beach which helps.

Part of looking good is dressing well and Ryan’s favorite men’s labels are Hugo Boss (on which Ryan admits to splurging), G-Star, Diesel and the Australian label, Zanerobe.

When asked about what fashion style he likes in women he was very diplomatic (being home in Australia and all) saying that:

I have to say coming back to Sydney has really made me appreciate Australian women. So whatever they’re doing style-wise works for me.

In general, Ryan explains, he likes women “au natural”, make-up wise, that is (ahem), and thinks it important in attracting a lady that guys just be themselves:

I’m really not into playing games with women… In my experience the best relationships always started through friendship.

To Ryan it is important to be himself, be relaxed, be comfortable in his own skin and to stay grounded. This attitude he attributes to advice from his parents.

I’d have to say that my parents have always taught me how important it is to stay grounded and humble in life, which has definitely been invaluable in my career and living in LA, where some people can have quite different values!

Source: 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty

(Photo credit: 30 Days Team)