Sam Merlotte: A Brief History

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sam-merlotte-4Sam Merlotte (played by Sam Trammel) is a male shape shifter in the HBO Series. True Blood which is based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris. Sam makes his first appearance in the True Blood episode Strange Love. Sam owns the local bar called Merlotte‘s (after his last name) and holds a flame for the female lead character, Sookie Stackhouse.

Sam Merlotte’s Mysterious History in True Blood:

Not much about Sam is revealed in the early episodes of True Blood, leading the audience to wonder if he is more than just the owner of a local bar. Later in season one it is revealed that Sam was adopted into a family who, on once learning of Sam‘s special ability left town while Sam was away from the house. The teenage Sam returns home to an empty house with everything, including his family gone.

It is hinted in the last episodes of True Blood season one that Sam shares a secret past with a new character named Maryanne who arrives in town. This relationship is sure to be explored further in True Blood‘s season two.

Sam Merlotte’s Role in True Blood (Season One):

SamMerlotte owns and operates the local bar in Bon Tempts called Merlotte‘s, where he manages Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, Arlene Fowler and numerous other characters who work at the same establishment. He lives on the property, but not in the bar itself. Sam‘s interest in Sookie Stackhouse is ignited when Bill Compton arrives in town, taking Sookie‘s interest.  In one point of season one, Sookie asks Sam why he is interested in her now that she has interest in someone else, and he replies that sometimes you don’t see what is under your nose until it is taken away.

Sam Merlotte’s Romantic Involvement with Sookie Stackhouse:

Sam Merlotte has slept with Tara Thornton on two occasions. Initially Tara‘s idea that Sam rejects, they have few more sexual encounters after Sam decides the option of a “free pass” might just work.  The non-relationship fumbles to an awkward end after Tara is picked up by Maryanne from the police station.  For some reason it is suggested that something deters Sam from interacting with MaryanneSam has also unsuccessfully made advances on Sookie Stackhouse, and due to bad timing was roughed up by Bill Compton.

Hints Around Sam Merlotte’s Story in True Blood Season Two:

With the closure of Sam and Tara‘s interaction and Sam‘s inability to resolve any feelings he has for Sookie, season two for Sam could mean more romantic struggle.  The introduction of Maryanne signals that the audience will be exploring the secrets of Sam‘s past, something that has been bought up by many of the main characters as an oddity. It is often highlighted that no one in Bon Tempts know any further back than four years ago in Sam‘s life.

Whether all of Sam‘s secrets will be explored, or if more questions will be asked the one sure thing is that season two of True Blood will be exciting.

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